Grimm airs on Watch, Tuesday 9pm

2nd November 2015

Over the years, many shows have tried incorporating the characters of the brothers Grimm’s fairy tales into their storylines, but few have been as successful as the fantasy cop drama, Grimm. And good news for fans, because it’s back for its fifth season with David Giuntoli reprising his role as Nick Burkhardt, homicide detective/Grimm.

The new season is expected to pick up right where the last left off, with Nick’s mother beheaded and Juliette being shot to death by fellow Grimm, Trubel, in an effort to save Nick’s life. While some people may have been speculating whether Juliette’s death is permanent, and wondering if she could perhaps be brought back via some voodoo Hexenbiest magic, prepare for your bubble to be burst: executive producer and writer of the series, David Greenwalt, has confirmed that yes, she really is dead.

The exit of Juliette (played by Bitsie Tulloch) from the show came as a shock to many fans that believed she was going to be around forever. However, the death also came as a relief to many others who thought it was about time for a downward-spinning character, turning into a vicious Hexenbiest who conspired with the Royals to have Nick’s mother killed and Adalind’s daughter kidnapped. There was literally no way that could ever be forgiven without the show becoming ridiculous.

Show runners David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf have said Season Five is going to be the darkest season yet. We’re not too sure what that means for now but with Greenwalt’s history of killing off regular characters (Angel in Buffy the Vampire, and Doyle in Angel), it’s probably not too bold of a guess that another regular is most probably going to die. Let’s just hope it’s not Monroe (played by Silas Weir Mitchell), because everyone loves Monroe.

Grimm star David Giuntoli also opened up about what could be expected in Season Five, with Nick Burkhardt coming to grips with the loss of his mother and girlfriend, as well as having to father the love-child between him and Adalind Schade (played by Claire Coffee). However with all the things that Nick is going through, the Hexenbaby may just be the only thing keeping him from completely going off the rails.

Also, does it drive anyone crazy that the ‘keys’ that have been in play the entire season has just casually become a forgotten storyline to the writers? Don’t worry, because Greenwalt has also confirmed that the keys will return in the fifth season, and that they are finally going to explain the purpose of it. Thank God.

The show has veered from the original brother Grimm fairytales into other area of myths and stories when Jack the Ripper was introduced in the series, but we can expect more new monsters for Nick and his team to face, with the Loch Ness Monster and Gila monster being hinted as two of them.

Grimm airs on Watch, Tuesday 9pm

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