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Sally Mu picks out to-die-for products for the perfect V-day.

Sally Mu
13th February 2017

Another Valentine’s Day is upon us, but are you tired of the same old routines of chocolate hearts, flowers, fine wine and dinner? With so many inventive ways to impress your valentine, how can you do just the same every year? Here’re some special beauty selections to help you stray from the cliché V-Day gift ideas.


 I’ve picked up 3 most vibrant and iridescent glitter pigments that are sure to tug at her heartstrings on the night of Feb 14th. Grown-up glitter is the most surprising makeup trend to sweep the board at the SS17 and recently loved by numerous bloggers and beauty gurus alike.

MAC Glitter pots

MAC’s finely milled glitter it’s incredibly wearable and sophisticated, making it perfect for creating gorgeous modern looks. Especially these show-stopping 3D holographic shades sparkle like diamonds and can be dotted over lips, eyes, cheeks, hair, even ears (no piercing necessary) or wherever else you want to glam up. Its surprisingly versatility allows you to either dust flecks of subtle glisten to enhance your features, or to load up the sparkles for an ultimate extra-dramatic party statement.

How to dazzle now? They’re pretty quick and easy to use, simply mixing a smattering of these glitters into gloss or lash glue, and paint to the socket line for disco-chic lids, or delicately coat your lips with them to recreate the beautifully flattering Hadid's-inspired runway look. The result? Absolutely gorgeous! With astonishing staying power they’ll stick pretty well to the face so not as much fallout as others.


Vibrant shimmering chunky red



Blue tone lavender shade with holographic effect.


3. 3D PINK

Baby pink shade with holographic effect.


 Jo Malone London Orange Blossom Cologne 30ml/100ml


Or, in addition to the obligatory rose bouquet, also make sure to surprise your sweetheart with a fabulously Orange Blossom Colognes from Jo Malone. This is the scent that will shake up her fragrance wardrobe like no other. One of the things I love most about this summery perfume is that it’s a very simplistic and distinctive one without a whole bunch of layered notes, just simply a crisp, mood-lifting and super refreshing citrusy scent with a little hint of jasmine finish. A spritz of this in the morning, and you’ll feel like stepping into an oasis garden heaven—luxurious but not stuffy, pleasant, natural and warm all at once. Overall, this wonderfully memorable scent is great for layering or wearing it alone and it’s an awesome go-to for daytime!



If you really stuck for gift ideas and wanna get him something he’s guaranteed to use everyday, think about treating your guy the iconic Acqua Di Giò Essenza. It serves as the most coveted manly gift for V-Day and he’ll be thrilled to open it! Designed with a nicely weighted glass bottle, a pretty decent and solid cap, and a very powerful sprayer that gives out just the right amount of juice. It also opens with the unmistakable fresh aquatic and divine citrusy notes, then dries down with a mixture of clean musk and cedar aroma. This timeless magic water is fused with luminous Cascalone and Paradisone for added sensuality, making it wears down smooth and intensely carnal that can't keep your hands off your man. It’s totally an inoffensive nose-pleaser with marine freshness and woody finish without overpowering anyone, which can be worn for all occasions. Plus, the marvellous smell won’t fade away until the next day! This is the luxe and sensual cologne he’ll surely get everyone compliments on. But just remember not to wear this on a date as you’d run the risk of bringing up bad memories for her as this extremely popular among guys!

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