Poembox: haikus for twenty twenty

Our arts writers use the poetic form of haiku to express their opinions on the year of 2020.

multiple writers
16th December 2020
Credit: Wikipedia

Haikus are a succinct poetic form, allowing a writer to summarise a fleeting feeling or thought into seventeen sweet syllables. Our arts writers use this format to express their opinions on the shitshow (?) year of 2020.

warped by a virus

our elaborate world machine,

have we broken it?

Tiyanna Mistry

this year was very shit

i did not like it one bit

put it in a pit

Maud Webster

It's been a shit show,

With Boris, lockdown, masks, SOAP.

But not long to go!!

Sophie Wilson

world shook upside down

horrid virus screwed us all

shit happens sometimes

Muslim Taseer

I miss the pub, oh


How I miss the pub, oh wow


I'd kill for a pint

Thomas Leach

i have befriended

the creaky floorboard between

my bed and my desk.

Ella Williams

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