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Against: I have a love-hate relationship (mostly hate) with my hair, but I will not consider hair extensions in the near future. The simple reason being I feel uncomfortable when my fingers run through hair that does not feel natural, regardless of whether it is real human or synthetic hair. It does considerable damage to […]

16th November 2015


I have a love-hate relationship (mostly hate) with my hair, but I will not consider hair extensions in the near future. The simple reason being I feel uncomfortable when my fingers run through hair that does not feel natural, regardless of whether it is real human or synthetic hair. It does considerable damage to your natural locks; the glue that attaches the extensions to your natural hair could burn and split the ends of your natural hair or make your hair brittle. It is worse if you are a first-timer who wants to get hair extensions, because you don’t know how your hair will react to the chemicals. The worst case scenario would be chopping off a few inches of the affected area away, which would take a longer time to achieve your quest for long luscious locks, if your plan is to grow your hair out in the long term. Heavy extensions could thin out your natural hair because of the intense pressure it causes on your scalp.

Always find out what type of extensions your hairdresser is using for your hair! If you don’t want to wake up one morning to find yourself with a bald spot at the middle of your head, think twice or more as the effects are irreversible. A woman’s hair is her crowning glory! Let me give you a short breakdown on having hair extensions. Firstly, you would have to choose what type of hair extensions you would prefer, the length and the number of strands you want; obviously real human hair would be more expensive than the synthetic ones. Next, you would have to choose to go to a slightly more reputable hair salon to get your tresses fitted in accurately. You will also need to choose the method of fitting the extensions such as weaving or gluing it on or using cold/warm fusion to bond the hair together among many other attachment methods. All these services can snowball to £260 on average equivalent to half a month’s expenses. Beautiful hair needs a lot of love, attention and maintenance. This means washing them becomes quite a hassle when you can’t give your scalp a good scrub. Also, you need regular consultations with your hairdresser just to confirm that your hair is growing the way it should be or if something needs replacing. Not forgetting the number of hair products you would need to invest on just to maintain those shiny locks, like special conditioners and shampoos, bringing me back to my previous point: It is expensive for budget-tight uni students. Unmistakably, hair extensions are gorgeous things to have, but I hope that listing down these reasons will make you reconsider getting hair extensions.


Hair extensions are so common for us now, from health concerns to a serious need for a new look, people wear hair extensions. For those people who are experiencing hair loss, or others that unable to grow their hair out no matter how long they wait, hair extensions are always the easiest way to add thickness and length to tackle these severe situations rather than sitting back and accepting defeat. Especially for people who cut their hair and instantly regret it, hair extensions are the answer. My hair is the kind that is difficult to grow once it hits a certain length. Only hair extensions can help reach your desired length when you’re fed up waiting for your natural hair to grow back after a dramatic cut. Longer hair can function as a self-esteem booster, detracting from any other insecurity. When you temporarily want to try something different by adding streaks of colour through your hair, extensions allow you to experiment with colour without damaging it.

Those of you who are pressed for time in the morning, you can achieve different textures and styles of hair by putting in hair extensions—from wavy to tight curls, hair extensions make those 9ams a lot simpler. Furthermore, do you wish you could recreate the luscious locks of You Tubers and beauty bloggers? Just imagine having long, smooth, ebony hair one month and then switching to fun and frisky bottle curls for the next few weeks without damaging your hair. Its non-committal function allows you to switch between your dream colours and lengths at the drop of a hat. People often get hair extensions put in for a special occasion when it feels like your hair needs an extra lift. Contemporary clip-ins/hair extensions are super easy to put in too. Many of you might argue that hair extension damage your hair, yet it highly depends on how the look is achieved. Some people have had them done with no damage to their hair at all. If well maintained, they will last about five to six months or even longer. Hair extensions will still allow your natural hair to grow, and it’s a good temporary solution while waiting for your natural hair to recover from a bad haircut, split ends, a bad dye job or whatever problem you may face. To further avoid damage, try clip-ins; they don’t damage your hair and you can use them again and again, I for one definitely will be wearing them.


As long as you stick to good quality hair and you look after them they’ll look great. Who doesn’t’t love the feeling of sporting long, healthy looking hair? Conclusion Beauty eds agree that hair extentions can be a life saver in certain situations such as re-growing hair after a bad cut or if you have that hair type that just won’t grow. When done properly, they can look particularly natural and undetectable. However, short hair is most definitely preferable to fake-looking extentions, so make sure you colour match correctly and choose your style and hair type wisely to avoid damage to your hair! We reccomend clip in extentions as they dont cause damage to the hair root. The key is to expand on the hair you have already, work close to the length and thickness you already to enhance your natural look.

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