Halloween Looks you probably haven’t thought of

Beauty Editor Susanne Norris gives us her top Halloween looks that will win you best-dressed this year.

31st October 2017

Whilst I love Halloween, I can’t deny that people tend to go for the same looks year in, year out. The devils, slutty cats and variations of zombies account for ninety percent of Halloween outfits every time. Whilst I have no issue with this (I myself have been an amazing slutty cat before), it is pretty refreshing to think outside the box sometimes. So this year, I brainstormed all the ‘out there’ Halloween looks I could think of. These looks are assured to turn heads and get people talking.

The Tin-Man from The Wizard of Oz:

I know what you’re thinking. Why on earth would you want to come as a character from the most overrated film you’re forced to watch every Christmas? But for anyone who loves glitter, tight clothes and Cosmic, this is perfect for you. To create the look all you really need is silver shorts and a top, the rest just involves showering yourself in silver glitter. You can make this look relatively understated by sticking with a bit of face glitter, or equally go the full way and cover your entire body in glitter. For the particularly brave, check out the ‘Gypsy Shrine’ Youtube channel for the ‘glitter boob’ trend that swept festivals this summer, as this can be easily incorporated into this look. For your silver glitter, check out NYX in Boots, or equally do what I did and buy it all on EBay.

Anything from any Tim Burton film:

For that nostalgic touch, we all want to see Jack’s, Sally’s and Corpse Brides at Halloween. However these looks are rarely ever seen due to their perceived difficulty, they are looks left for make-up artists rather than us mere mortals. What people don’t realise is how easy they actually are to create at home. The signature Tim Burton look involves big eyes, pale/off colour skin and then a defining feature depending on which character you choose. For the big eyes, use a white pencil (try NYX’s Jumbo Pencil in Milk) to draw big circles that cover your eyebrows and under eye troughs. Once you’ve done this, fill in this circle with the white pencil, including colouring over your eyebrows in white. You can then draw yourself new pupils on your eyelids, and draw thin, Tim Burton style eyebrows on your forehead, above your natural brows. The, you can just use pale blue or off-white face-paint for the rest of your face to enhance your pale look (any fancy dress shop should sell this). For specific defining features, add stitches done with liquid liner for Sally, lines of green liner for the worms the Corpse Bride has or replace the white pencil used for the eyes with a black one for Jack.

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Lady Gaga’s ‘Countess’ look from American Horror Story:

A very specific look, but possibly the most amazing one yet. For all you American Horror Story fans it’s time to ditch the generic looks and channel your inner Gaga. To create the Countess’ effortless face, use a white pencil liner or blonde eyebrow pencil (Try LA Girl’s shady slim pencil in Blonde) to give a bleached brow effect. Her signature facial look is then completed with black, winged eyeliner and a nude or red lip, easy even for make-up novices. Add to your look with some fake blood on your neck and chest. To create the iconic pointed finger, place a plaster over your forefinger and shape it to give it a pointed tip. You can then cover this plaster and the rest of your finger in silver glitter to complete your entire Countess look.

Image credit: @ahsqueenbee (Instagram)

Image credit: @ahsqueenbee (Instagram)

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