‘That is so fetch!’: Halloween costumes inspired by film and television

Stuck for last-minute costume ideas? Here are some Halloween outfits inspired by pop culture past and present

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26th October 2022
Image: Instagram @goldenfilmz
With Halloween getting less spooky in the UK (much like in the US), there are plenty of costume ideas to choose from that are inspired by film and television.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show & Jennifer’s Body by Rachael McCreanor

Halloween - in the immortal words of Cady Heron ‘the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it." Or, alternatively, as perfectly displayed by Ms. Heron herself, you can go full horror and terrify everyone within six feet of you. Either way, Halloween is both the time to let your imagination run wild, and the perfect opportunity to pay homage to you favourite films and TV shows. 

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to pay homage to you favourite films and TV shows

Image: Instagram @prototypevintage

The Rocky Horror Picture Show – an annual Halloween staple, and for good reason. Whether you’re feeling innocent semi-naked Janet, or malevolent semi-naked Dr. Frankenfurter, there's an option for you. My personal favourite costume from this ensemble would have to be Magenta – she's the perfect mix of evil and scandalousness. Magenta’s look is pretty easy to recreate, all you need is a short maid’s dress, some fishnet stockings and at least three cans of hairspray. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, why not chuck on a massive wig and represent Magenta in her alien revenge era, follow your heart. 

Image: Instagram @00supremacy

Another just as iconic costume idea, is Jennifer from Jennifer's Body. This one is pretty easy, just grab some old 00's pieces (think denim skirt, low-waisted, tank tops etc.), curate your makeup and hair to perfection, and then drench yourself in a ton of fake blood. If you really want to embody the true spirit of Jennifer, simply inisit that whenever you walk into a room Nelly Furtado's legendary hit 'Maneater' must be played at full volume. Just to really hammer it home. 

Whatever, whoever or however you dress up this Halloween, just remember Cady's advice and know that you look absolutely fabulous no matter what you wear. Now, go scare people. 

Euphoria & Don’t Worry Darling by Imogen Smillie

@euphoria on Instagram

Probably an obvious choice for younger adults this year is a Euphoria themed costume. You could go for any of the couple costumes – Maddy and Nate, Rue and Jules, Fezco and Lexi. Or if you’re like me and want to stick with friends, you could do bestie couple costumes – Rue and Lexi, Maddy and Cassie, Jules and… well pretty much anyone but Nate! I found ‘Detective Rue’ was the perfect Halloween look for myself, putting it together with clothes I already had and police accessories cheap from the local costume shop. Plus hair and makeup was simple, with a messy topknot and little to no makeup. After all, Rue isn't exactly in the best shape...

I found ‘Detective Rue’ was the perfect Halloween look for myself

@harryflorals on Instagram

And from film, there is one character that will definitely be popular in 2022 – Alice from Don’t Worry Darling. Not only will you be Florence Pugh married to Harry Styles for the night (could even make it a couple costume of Alice and Jack), but the costume also looks super easy to pull off.

Grab yourself a white strappy dress, splash some fake blood on the waist of said dress, curl your hair and pull into a half pony with a black ribbon. Simple, recognisable, and being from a thriller film, technically kind of spooky!

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