Halloween vs Christmas

One of our writers takes a dive into two of our favourite festivities.

Kai Palmer
25th October 2022
Image credit: Pixabay
Spooky season has now crept upon us, and you’re probably either racking your brain trying to think of a costume that you haven’t done yet, or despising the whole concept of Halloween and simply waiting for the scary vibes to become a little more festive.

Both seasons bring plenty of fun (and fear), but here are some of the best and worst aspects of each.

To begin with is the most controversial: the music. There’s of course something comforting when it comes to the time of year when you’re reminded of what Mariah Carey’s voice sounds like, and for the first couple of weeks it’s very bearable. But start too early, and by the time Christmas Day arrives, any song with the word “merry” in it becomes too much, irritating even. This isn’t helped by the fact that we’re in dire need of some new, and good, Christmas songs. But, hey, at least we all know the lyrics to them. Halloween doesn’t really have its own genre of music, which I think we should be grateful for.

we’re in dire need of some new, and good, Christmas songs

Films, on the other hand, is where both seasons bring their best game. Unlike the music, there are just as many timeless Halloween films as there are Christmas. Think Hocus Pocus vs. Home Alone, or Beetlejuice vs. The Grinch. It’s difficult to put one above the other here, so unless you already dislike Halloween or Christmas for other reasons, this one keeps it firmly on the fence.

Christmas Dinner. Now, I think it goes without saying here that this absolutely tops Halloween’s conventional sweet overload. Not only is it the one time of year that most of our friends or family are all together around one table at the same time - you can’t flake out on Christmas Day like you can with most casual plans! – it’s also fully acceptable to eat an obscene number of pigs in blankets, and to smother your plate in cranberry sauce. Is it worth the food coma that follows? Certainly.

you can’t flake out on Christmas Day like you can with most casual plans!

Aren’t people just happier at Christmas too? Whether this be genuine happiness, or fear of being heckled for being a big, old Scrooge, there’s just a general mood around Christmas that you don’t get at any point of the year. For thrill seekers though, this might not be enough, and so horror films and haunted houses are better suited to you than pulling a cracker and forcing a quick, unimpressed laugh at the incredibly funny joke inside.

There you have it: a brief, but very important balance of the spooky and festive seasons.

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