Halloween's most underrated and overrated sweet treats

This article tackles the controversial subject - which Halloween favourites deserve their status, and which are overrated?

Katie Siddall
25th October 2021
For this article, I grabbed a few specialists on the topic of Halloween and sweet and chocolatey treats – my house mates! The ‘specialist’ part comes as we watch Hocus Pocus and they are cutting faces into pumpkins. 

So… this conversation caused some controversy within my household. A lot of us putting our arguments forward; however, I’ve gone with my opinions with their inputs to try balance this argument.

First, I have to mention that usual chocolates like Dairy Milk, Wispas, Celebrations (that you can get all year round) are probably overrated. We decided this because, again, you get them all year round! I do love them, don’t get me wrong - but I want more spooky-themed sweets and chocolates for Halloween.

What kind of Halloween themed goodies? Teeth and lips in vampiric form, with the thangs and blood coloured jelly. There are always chocolate eyeballs too! These Halloween goodies come out once a year and never disappoint. People tend to think because that chocolate eyeballs aren’t high-quality enough, but you don’t need a famous chocolate brand to make chocolate good!

Want another overrated treat? This one got all of my house in agreement. Pumpkin themed drinks, specifically Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spiced Latte. We all believe that they are a trend that people hype up wayyyyyy too much. And… they don’t even taste that good. Sorry not sorry about our opinion on this matter.

Now dip dabs – they are one for controversy. They caused one of the couples in my household to have a momentary fight. On one hand it could be an underrated treat (due to them just being amazing) and on the other an overrated treat (because the packets have become smaller over the years and they aren’t the same anymore). Personally, I love them and think they’re underrated – as I don’t know a lot of people who enjoy them. Yet, I keep wondering whether they're overrated - because since I was a child, they have gotten smaller and smaller.

Hopefully, you’ll find your favourite treat over the Spooky Season! I know I've already found mine. Happy Halloween!

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