Harry Maguire’s holiday from hell

The footballer faced an unexpected opponent last month as he took to defending in a court of law

Louise Cusine
3rd September 2020
Image: The Courier
Manchester United and England defender Harry Maguire lost a match against a jury in Syros, Greece who found him guilty of aggravated assault, resisting arrest and repeated attempts of bribery.  

Maguire was charged for assaulting a policeman in Mykonos; the policeman who tried to detain him fell on his back and had to take painkillers. Yikes, tackling has no place outside the football pitch.

Aside from tackling, Maguire tried to bribe the officers with the desperate hope that they would let him go unscathed. Despite being moderately wealthy (earning £210,000 a week), the officers kept their eye on the ball and Maguire was given a 21-month suspended prison sentence.

In response, Maguire put forward the following statement: ‘’I have instructed my legal team with immediate effect to inform the courts we will be appealing. I remain strong and confident regarding our innocence in this matter – if anything myself, family and friends are the victims.’’ Red card.

According to Maguire’s lawyer, Maguire believed he was being kidnapped whilst he was taking his sister to hospital for possible drug poisoning, therefore attacking the undercover authorities was self-defence. Defence is his profession, after all. On Good Morning Britain, Ranvir Singh claimed "his origin of fear wasn’t investigated at all’’. A full retrial has been confirmed, so seeing how the retrial unfolds is a waiting game.

Until then, Greek authorities 1 - 0 Harry Maguire.

Featured Image source: Twitter @HarryMaguire93
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