Has the Animal Crossing update been worth the wait?

Has the 2.0 update added enough to make it worth returning to your tropical paradise?

Jess Bradbury
23rd November 2021
Image: Nintendo Youtube
Animal Crossing is back swinging, or rather with a nice, relaxing stroll across player’s islands. Nintendo released the update on November 5th and it’s already provided the game with the kick it needed to keep it interesting.
Image: Kilden/Nintendo

Like many other players of the game, I reached a burnt out feeling with Animal Crossing: New Horizons after a certain amount of time playing it. I consider myself quite lucky with this though, mainly due to the fact that I only got my Switch last October. So, whilst many fans had played it from the March when it was released, I only began later in the year and so have only recently been feeling that burnout. However, when Nintendo held their direct event and announced the features of the new update, I was just as excited as other fans to see how the game was getting a breath of fresh air introduced to it.

This newness was funnily enough created through the introduction of old elements from other Animal Crossing games, bringing in familiar fan favourite elements such as The Roost and the froggy chair. I’ve felt reinvigorated with my island since getting the update, having the motivation to redecorate the landscape and home that was basically non-existent a few weeks ago.

Image: Nookipedia/Nintendo

A particular favourite update of mine in the update has been being able to go on Kapp’n’s boat tours - even though it does mean I’m having to keep my mile numbers up at 1000 a turn. I have to say that the islands I’ve been on with his tours haven’t been the most exciting so far, but it’s still been worth it to hear the wholesome little songs he sings on the journey.

I’m also excited to start cooking and farming on my island, with the kitchen being one of my favourite DIY recipes to make so far through the game. It’s something that’s never really been explored on Animal Crossing, but it’s already clear it has revitalised a large game because it intersects with most other elements of the game such as fishing. I’m yet to get my hands on the paid Happy Home Paradise DLC, but I’m eager to play it as the concept of having a job in the game amuses me.

It’s a bit of a shame that it’s taken so long for the update to arrive but has it been worth the wait? Absolutely!

The Animal Crossing 2.0 Update and The Happy Home Paradise DLC is available now on Nintendo Switch

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AUTHOR: Jess Bradbury
English lit student with a very good talent for rambling. Twitter/IG @jessbradburyx

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