Has there been a Hunger Games renaissance?

The dystopian series has seen a sudden resurgence in popularity on social media

Anna Nix
19th May 2023
Image from IMDb
The movie prequel to The Hunger Games is being made, the trailer was just released and TikTok is seemingly overtaken by more and more videos of The Hunger Games. Are we in the middle of a Hunger Games renaissance?

I don’t know about you but my TikTok ‘fyp’ has been filled with Finnick Odair edits, with ‘Galeslander’ and with videos comparing the bow of Katniss and of Lucy Gray. It appears that TikTok users are once again infatuated with the story of a rebellion. And I am here for it.

The TikTok ‘fyp’ has been flooded with Hunger Games. Whether that is due to The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes movie being made and a trailer coming out not too long ago, or to the younger generation rediscovering Suzanne Collins’ books is hard to say. Best guess is to suspect it is a bit of both.

In fact, it seems that they were the childhood of every other Gen-Z kid, as TikTok would suggests

The Hunger Games books and the movies have always been nothing short of iconic and my experience is that they were my childhood. In fact, it seems that they were the childhood of every other Gen-Z kid, as TikTok would suggests.

The renaissance of Hunger Games could essentially be owed to very professionally executed marketing. I have seen a few videos on TikTok suggesting that this is simply the doing of Suzanne Collins’ marketing team that did their best to make the audience excited for the new movie and from my perspective it’s working out wonderfully.

The TikTok has gone through a phase of hating on Gale, which I more than support. It has praised Peeta and Finnick for the unproblematic men they both are. And it had a fill of analysis videos. There were TikTokers analysing the new trailer, comparing it to the original movies and I’ve even seen videos comparing the Met Gala to the Capitol. All I have to say for that – horrifyingly accurate.

I was thrown into this Hunger Games mania a few weeks ago and managed to rewatch all the movies as well as set aside the books to re-read for once I’m finished with exam period. And I got the prequel book, ready to read it over summer. As well, I can promise you that November 17, you will be able to find me in the cinema watching the new movie.

Whether the sudden excitement of everyone over The Hunger Games universe is owed to some marketing or it is people’s genuine love for the story that started the renaissance, I don’t care. Because I volunteer as tribute to be a part of this Hunger Games renaissance and you can’t stop me.

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