Hate not want lots: 'ugly trends'

Shamara Mohsin shares her views on the 'ugly trends' we just can't seem to get enough of

Shamara Mohsin
24th October 2019
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In fashion, you have the good, the bad and the, simply put-ugly. Sometimes however a trend defies the odds and crosses categories to become something we loathe but can't seem to stop buying.

For your pleasure, I’ve compiled a list of the worst offenders of this crime of fashion.  Of course, what's considered an ‘ugly trend’ is completely subjective and should be handled as simply an opinion, I’d like to see you argue  that many items on this list, however, should not have died a quick death seasons past, yet stores keep stocking them, celebs keeping wearing them and alas we keep buying them.

Biker Shorts

Image Source: @kyliejenner on Instagram

While this one may only see the light of day on the festival scene or the most outlandish of celebrities Instagrams it still deserves a mention. The lycra material is often fluorescent or skin-toned in colour, rather hard to work into everyday life, therefore rather unsustainable, and almost always unavoidably so tight it would make the most confident girl self-conscious.

Cropped cardigans

Image Source: @asos on Instagram

The worst offenders should be better named barely-there cardigans, you know, the ones that cover nothing and are essentially pointless. Gone are the days when cardigans were for your gran and a complete fashion monstrosity for a twenty-year-old. Now it's cool, but only if it barely covers anything. Please don’t undo the true use of a cardigan, to keep you warm.

Floral on floral

Image Source: @lateciat on Instagram

Often this trend appears as if it popped right out of your nan's wardrobe with patterns that will make your eyes water.  It's rarely cute and often garish, there is such a thing as too much going on.

Chunky trainers

Image Source: @itslibes on Instagram

This summer saw guys and gals donning what was dubbed the 'ugly shoe trend'. Despite these being the ugliest of shoes the main brands to make it big with them produced really comfortable, practical shoes that gave your short friends that extra inch without it being too obvious, so does the good outweigh the bad?

Animal print

Image Source: @michkeegan on Instagram

Gracing our screens for more than half a century, we still can't decide how we feel about animal print. It's more ethical in recent years sure, but the body-con dresses and fur print coats are just a little too much, so maybe leave that look to the animals because they wear it better.

Flared trousers

Image Source: @zoesugg on Instagram

Especially prominent with the students of Newcastle, we oddly love some flares (wink wink). While they haven't been considered 'in style' for a decade the unfashionable flared trousers still manage to litter the wardrobes of some Millennials.

Bucket hats

Image Source: @pharrell on Instagram

While in its essence the bucket hat is a brilliant accessory for sun protection, we all know that the fashion statement became much more than that. The circular hat is one of many to be taken from its roots, commercialized and made into an honorary 'ugly trend' like many before it.

Faux fur jackets

Image Source: @mollymaehague on Instagram

This one began gracing the socials on influencers all the way back in 2015 and isn't necessarily 'ugly' but rather hard to wear. Many struggle to 'pull off' the fluffy attire, struggling to pair it with other outfits or simply feeling not themselves in it. The jackets are often comfy, cosy and rarely very costly, but if it's not working it's not working.

Shell tracksuit bottoms

Image Source: @adidas on Instagram

A tale as old as time, the tracksuit trousers have been terrorising our streets for years and trust us they've never really been in style. Unless you're about to start working out take them home to lounge in.


Image Source: @floguan on Instagram

Great on photos not so great in real life, much like the many Instagram influencers wearing it. Neons like marmite and will leave a taste in your mouth you may not like.

For once, I hope you have not been inspired to shop the look, while these guys and gals may look amazing remember, social media can make even the ugliest trend look fabulous.

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