Have a bingin' Easter

Easter is coming, and it’s looking dangerously like you might have to actually get some work done. Reece Hanson has your back, procrastinators, with the top four vaguely academic shows you can binge-watch in the break, totally guilt-free

10th March 2016

For law students, idly wondering what life could be like five years down the line if you ever get to revising for that exam will naturally lead to a binge of Suits. Mike Ross’ (Patrick J. Adams) ability to recall anything he has ever read lands him a job as an associate for one of New York’s best lawyers, Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht), despite having never so much as attended law school.

Protecting Mike’s secret from the firm’s Managing Partner, Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) and slave-driver Louis Litt is a must. Yet when his old life comes back to haunt him, in the shape of best friend Trevor, Mike’s new life threatens to unravel. Word of warning, a Suits binge will inevitably lead to immense envy. Between the lavish lifestyles and Mike’s lack of any Law degree, Better Call Saul may seem a better choice, but at the very least Suits will leave you with a Harvey Specter strut as you march back into the Robbo to do what Mike never could.

The nature/nurture debate takes centre stage in  when Sarah Manning discovers the secret of her past in Orphan Black, making it perfect procrastination viewing for both Biology and Psychology students. Watching as her doppelganger takes her own life, Sarah is left to piece together the jigsaw.

Unknowingly the subject of an illegal cloning experiment, Sarah’s battle to protect daughter Kira brings her face-to-face with her clones, and not all of them are welcoming. Battling identity issues and

genetic flaws brought about by untried scientific

experiments, Sarah and her clones are scattered around North America and Europe.

Tatiana Maslany stars, almost unrecognisably, as gun-wielding housewife Alison, scientist Cosima, assassin Helena, and protagonist Sarah Manning herself, as well as the numerous other clones in the series.

With short, ten-episode seasons, and ahead of season four premiering this year, there has never been a better time to binge.

Make no mistake about it; a House binge will take a monumental effort. With 177 episodes spread across eight seasons, it’s a challenge not for the faint of heart.

While there is no shortage of medical dramas, with Code Black the latest to follow ER, House is perfect for those Medic students come this time of year. Starring the illustrious Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House, a man whose grumpy, irritable nature and general dislike of people may be relatable.

For all the emphasis on the show as a medical procedural, House’s own story makes this one stand out. Addicted to pain medication following an earlier leg injury, House must battle his own demons as well as fixing everybody else’s.

His unconventional methods may often be frowned upon, but he’s always right… most of the time.

With season four of political drama House of Cards airing recently, will there be a better time for Politics students to go back to Frank’s early days as a U.S. Congressman? Having been passed over for a seat at the big table as Secretary of State, House of Cards follows Frank Underwood as his revenge plot ensures.

Out to sabotage President Walker’s term in office, Frank, played by Kevin Spacey, will stop at nothing to exact revenge on those who betrayed him. While lot has changed in the last four seasons, as casualty after casualty has fallen to Frank’s mission, his hunger for power remains.

And by his side is the equally ruthless Claire (Robin Wright). Having played her part in Frank’s rise, Claire is not someone Frank can afford to cross now.

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