Have online Zara hauls boosted sales?

Phoebe Eyles discusses how online hauls have aided Zara's sales during lockdown.

Phoebe Eyles
17th June 2020
Image: Flickr

It is no surprise that online Zara sales surged by 95% in the month of April, following the closure of their stores as the world responded to COVID-19.

Zara has always been a high street staple, but throughout lockdown shopping at Zara has become a trend. From the memes about some questionable poses by models on the website, to infinite Zara hauls on YouTube and Tik Tok, the store has influencers to thank for such a sharp rise in online sales.

One of my favourite things about fashion is how so many aspects of it are inspired by the world around us. From designers creating iconic pieces to consumers jumping on certain trends, we are heavily influenced by the circumstances we find ourselves in. Fashion has not stopped during lockdown and trends have continued to emerge from loungewear, to tie dye to Zara hauls.

The most successful hauls on YouTube have always been Primark hauls. Primark does not have an online website so many use these hauls to see a small selection of Primark's stock. There is something to learn from Primark hauls. I believe this is similar with Zara. Zara's website is incredibly confusing to navigate, so watching a video with a concise selection of items means that customers will know what they want before typing in the web address.

"Seeing a small curation of clothes has obviously inspired many shoppers throughout quarantine."

Zara hauls have also been a trend on Tik Tok. The Tik Tok algorithm means that anyone can go viral relatively easily, and Zara hauls have been a trend where many videos have gone viral. Tik Tok videos are a maximum of one minute in length so users can share quick snippets posing in their favourite Zara items. These videos are usually made by teenagers and often feature similar items. Seeing a small curation of clothes has obviously inspired many shoppers throughout quarantine.

Image: Elaine Smith (Flickr)

Online fast fashion brands such as Pretty Little Thing and Missguided have been on trend for so long now and it is interesting to see how these brands' target market have moved on to Zara. This is part of the problem with fast fashion - consumers will move on to the latest trend without having brand loyalty as the quality of each of these stores is typically low.

Zara have increased their Gen Z audience during lockdown as influencers and social media users alike have jumped on the trend of showing their picks from the store. Now that shops are back open in the UK, it will be interesting to see if Gen Z ditch the online fast fashion brands for an in-store option.

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