Heat-Proof Your Make-Up

Maintaining your make-up during heatwaves can be tricky. Beauty editor Susanne Norris shares her top tips and tricks for keeping make-up looking beautiful over the summer season.

9th May 2018
Image Credit: @toofaced (Instagram)

Ah, the post-Easter heatwave. There’s nothing quite like it. Over the last few weeks, Newcastle has seen an increase in shorts, crazy sunglasses, and sales of Strongbow Dark Fruits. The nicer weather has us all going outside more and longing for the summer, so we can escape abroad for even more sunshine. There’s no denying the sunshine is a great mood-booster but, at risk of sounding like a spoil-sport, it does have its cons. The main one being knowing how to apply your make-up to survive the heat.

Every beauty addict knows what I’m talking about oh too well. You’re trying to enjoy the sun, but constantly feel conscious about your make-up melting. This struggle is no exaggeration. I remember going on holiday to Cyprus a few years back and gasping in horror (yes, I am that dramatic) as I opened my make-up bag to find most of my products had quite literally melted. My lipstick had become a heaped, disfigured pile of goo and my dipbrow had transformed from a gel into a liquid. It was a bad day.


So, learning from my mistakes, I thought I’d compile a list of all the things you can do to stop a make-up disaster in the heat. Whilst this is probably more applicable to those going on their holidays, you never know when we might get another Newcastle heatwave *crosses fingers and prays*.

Tip 1 – Store your make-up bag in shade: It seems obvious, but this rule really can’t be broken. Whilst room temperature is normally the best temperature to store make-up at, this is no good if the temperature in your room has risen. Consider storing make-up under your desk, bed, or even under the shade of any plants you may own. Get creative.

Tip 2 – Look for SPF: Switch to using base products which have SPF: This will really help when you’re out in the sun wearing your make-up. Not only will it protect you from sun damage, these products are designed with heat in mind, so are generally less oily than conventional foundations. By switching to SPF base products, you’re much more likely to avoid the horrendous my-face-is-slipping-off situation as the heat rises.

Tip 3 – Go easy on the highlight: I love highlight. It’s my favourite part of my make-up routine and I could be an Anastasia Beverly Hills brand ambassador given how much I’ve spent on their highlighters. I would honestly highlight my whole face if it was socially acceptable. But, in the summer months, it’s always a good idea to keep highlight to a minimum. This is because the sun will naturally fall on the areas you’d highlight (e.g. your cheekbones) so will really do all the work for you. Also, it’s best to avoid anything excessively shimmery in summer, as no-one wants to look sweaty.

Tip 4 – Invest in a waterproof mascara: Waterproof mascara. You either love it or hate it. Personally, I normally avoid it, as it’s such a pain to take off at the end of the day. But for hotter months, it’s a necessity. Waterproof mascara won’t budge, so is perfect for when you’re worried about the heat melting your make-up. This stuff will survive sweat, sudden urges to splash your face with water to cool yourself down, and even water fights (if you’re over the age of twelve and still into that sort of thing). It’s a must for any summer make-up bag.

Tip 5  Opt for a matte setting spray: I can’t lie, I’m a sucker for a dewy setting spray. Normally, I’d pick it over a matte spray any day. But, in the heat, dewy finishes are a no-go. Normally they look great and natural, but when you couple them with excessive sweating from heat all they’re going to do is make you look a hundred times sweatier. Matte setting sprays will not only set your make-up (so you have less chance of it going awry) they will also set it in a way that fights against looking sweaty, as opposed to enhancing it.

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