Heavenly Hallstatt: 'pearl of Austria' and the perfect winter destination

Austria at Christmas, the secluded town of Hallstatt.

Rebecca Wright
15th December 2022
Image Credit : Pixabay
Hallstatt has been the star atop my travel bucket list for some time, and for good reason! A true Christmas wonderland, this postcard town in Austria will delight and excite you this holiday season.

As a notoriously quaint and tranquil destination, Hallstatt is nestled aside a vast lake and towered over by snow-smothered alps. This glorious conjunction of charming alpine houses and white mountains is what makes the town truly original, and the ‘pearl of Austria’. Its majestic landscape is just as pretty in summer, but there’s something about the enchanting energy of this town that can entice even the most devout sun-lover to find joy in the colder months. Plus, a benefit of travelling here during the winter is that tourism is way down, adding to the feeling that it really is just you and nature in this blissful winter paradise. And, most importantly, it’s way cheaper.

Image Credit : Pixabay

Hallstatt is more than just a pretty picture. It is home to the oldest salt mine in the world, which might not sound that exciting, but give it a chance! Salt mines are notoriously beautiful. Think strange, rippling beauty shimmering across tunnel walls. With over 7000 years of history to find, you can take the funicular railway to the top of the mountain for a tour of the glittering mines. 

Alternatively, take a trip to the Hallstatt skywalk. 838 metres up the mountain is a lookout platform named ‘World Heritage View’, from which you can gaze over for a panoramic view of the landscape. The surrounding region, UNESCO-listed, also boasts thrilling winter sports. Stroll around Hallstatt’s historic old town with a hot chocolate in hand, visit the Christmas tree in Marktplatz, see the twinkling lights of the town. Should you get the chance, take in everything Hallstatt has to offer!

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