Hidden gem: Anteros - When We Land

Lily Holbrook lets us know why we should listen to Anteros' debut

Lily Holbrook
22nd June 2020

The first time I came across Anteros was in October 2018 when 'Ordinary Girl' featured on Annie Mac's Future Sounds radio show. They've been on my radar ever since.

With punchy hits like 'Drive On' bringing the issue of plastic pollution into the musical spotlight, their social and environmental conscience has done enough to grab my attention.

When their debut album landed in 2019, it's not something I jumped on straight away. But when I found it, I was a fan.

When We Land is an empowering yet easy listen. Kicking off with 'Call Your Mother', the opening track sets the precedent for a bold yet reminiscent record. Following the theme of entering your 20's with no idea where you're heading, the song is joyfully relatable.

Taking their name from the Greek god of requited love, Anteros create a sound that is easy to fall for. And yet the four-piece don't shy away from the flaws outside their idealistic bubble. Capturing themes of self-reflection in one of their most defining songs, 'Breakfast' tells the not-so-romantic story of a self-indulgent lover.

The contrast of heavy themes with instantly danceable light-hearted melodies in tracks like 'Honey' and 'Fool Moon' undeniably give Anteros a unique quality. But despite their sparkly production, the band aren't all flashing lights and glitter.

After the energetic whirlwind of the first 8 tracks, 'Let It Out' feels like permission to breathe. "Let it out, I don't need to pretend," seems like an admission of vulnerability, with truly nothing to hold back.

The fact all versions remain available for listening show how Anteros are not afraid to embrace an evolving image

Dotted throughout Anteros' Spotify exist earlier versions of their more recent releases. Despite losing an element of their original charm, the improved production of more recent recordings elevates the funky indie-pop outfit to a level they aspire to be. The fact all versions remain available for listening show how Anteros are not afraid to embrace an evolving image. Not once do they forget their roots.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Blondie, No Doubt and The Cure, their sound draws upon tried and tested formulas that make you feel a familiar comfort when you listen. But with Laura Hayden's soaring vocals and an underlying authenticity, Anteros successfully create music that is distinctive.

A tribute to the band itself, the self-titled final song on the LP offers a gentler perspective. Stripped back and reflective, 'Anteros' offers a vulnerable culmination to an album full of upbeat, jangly hits.

It's safe to say Anteros have a song for every mood. Next time you find yourself wondering where to hit play, I'd thoroughly recommend a listen.

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AUTHOR: Lily Holbrook
MA Media & Journalism student and science sub-editor for the 20/21 academic year.

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