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Last Man on Earth Airs Monday, 11pm, on Monday.

10th March 2016

The first season of The Last Man on Earth was a comedy rollercoaster ride. Phil Miller (Will Forte) went from thinking he was the last human on Earth, to the last man, only to discover that he is actually one of a group of survivors. From there he had various relationships and complications with other characters leading to comedy gold. 

So what will season two have in store for us? In an interview last year, Forte revealed that the last season had a large focus on re-population and coupling but season two is going to centre on different facets of the post apocalyptic lifestyle. I expect that the next series will probably focus on  rebuilding societies infrastructure, such as setting up a government, a justice system, laws and other societal institutions. This will be a welcome change from the last season which seemed to be overbearingly obsessed with relationships, sex and marriage, albeit providing priceless moments that left you laughing for hours afterwards, still, it was done to death and the writers need to squeeze some funny from some different places.

I hope that it keeps it quirky comedic style. The first season offered viewers a fresh take on the apocalyptic genre. Every episode was an amalgamation of hilarity, grotesqueness, ingenuity and sadness. Will Forte’s  subtle acting talent made you both empathise and hate Phil Miller at times, but this is the beauty of the show. The character is real and if this realness slips away in the next season, so will the viewers.

 Last Man on Earth Airs Monday, 11pm, on Dave.

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