Highlight: Quantico

Quantico airs Thursday at 9pm, on Alibi.

10th March 2016

Kicking off its first UK season and already renewed for its second, Alibi’s latest thriller series promises everything you’d expect from a show of its kind. The trailer alone is a glorious mixture of guns, sex, and a hammy first-person voiceover from star Priyanka Chopra.

Chopra takes her turn here as FBI recruit Alex Parrish, shipped off to the show’s namesake training base to be whipped into shape to defend the good old US of A from the forces of evil. Her big plans go pear-shaped, however, when the biggest terrorist attack since 9/11 hits. Rumour has it that it’s an inside job, and Parrish soon finds herself under close scrutiny.

The trailer showcases a promisingly diverse cast that could go far towards moving on from the usual ‘muscular white man in a suit vs. tough woman with a striking inner sensuality just trying to make it in this man’s world’ formula we’ve become so accustomed to seeing on our screens. The audience can only hope that the show itself will deliver on this promise.

The show promises action, thrills, and enough cheese to rival the dairy aisle at Tesco. The writing and narrative quality are yet to be seen, but, in all honesty, this probably isn’t the kind of TV you’ll be shouting about, except to demand some kind of proof that Priyanka Chopra is in fact human, and not some kind of super-species genetically engineered to bring peace to the world through the medium of perfect skin and almost unnatural facial symmetry

Quantico airs Thursday at 9pm, on Alibi.

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