Highs and lows from my initial move to University

What's the biggest shock of the move to University, the workload or price of Circuit Laundry?

Libby Griffiths
25th October 2022
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Arriving at university, everybody has a certain set of expectations. When I got here, I assumed if freshers week wasn't going to kill me, my degree workload certainly would. I wasn’t entirely wrong, but I wasn’t entirely right either.

So far, my journey has been bittersweet. I absolutely love studying for my degree, living in a city, and making new friends. But, I do miss my family a lot. I feel like I took for granted my Mum doing my washing and cooking my meals, but I’m getting by. I promise, Mum, I’m doing okay!

To state the obvious: it’s a lot of work. We know that, we expect it. But, the reality is a lot more than expected. Nobody said it was going to be easy, but nobody told me how confusing Circuit Laundry was going to be either, or how expensive it was. Nothing I’m saying here is original, but it is saying something to know that every fresher goes through the same feelings. 

Call your Mum, ask her what degree your washing should go on. Google how to cook rice, and if you can eat that weird item in your fridge that went off two days ago. Everyone is doing the same exact thing. Nobody knows what they’re doing. That’s the beauty in figuring it all out. But seriously, Mum if you’re reading this, can I put all my colours in the same wash cycle?

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AUTHOR: Libby Griffiths
Campus Comment Sub-Editor | Journalism Student

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