Hit The North Festival: Line-up Overview

Hope Lynes previews the 2021 line-up of Newcastle's Hit The North music festival.

Hope Lynes
3rd May 2021
Hit The North returns this October! (A girl can wish.) I've never actually been able to attend before, with last year being cancelled and still being in sixth form in 2019. That makes my already immense excitement even bigger; not only are we getting lots of gigs (finally!) but also lots of new artists in some venues I've never visited before. Here are my artist highlights, top picks and, sadly, artists to skip for this years Hit The North festival.


Thankfully, coming back from the cancelled 2019 line-up to headline again are DMA'S, and I don't care who else is playing at that time, you have to go see them. I'm not that big of a fan anymore after the latest album, but I've been to two gigs, and nothing matches that live energy. Back in April 2019 in Liverpool's Students' Union, it felt like I was at an Oasis gig. Football hooligans, mosh pits, beer flying... it was just class festival vibes, even in an inside setting. I would recommend seeing DMA'S to anyone, even if you only know a few songs - you will leave that gig feeling on top of the world, and with your clothes unfortunately smelling of beer (you hope that's what it is).

Sub-headling are Sports Team and I hope they are on supporting DMA's, the energy created would be crazy. Sports Team have really blown up over the last year and their debut album was just incredible. I haven't seen them live but you can just imagine how good it will be, the lead singer is such a character and when you have that energy the crowd just replicates it.

Now for some smaller acts that you shouldn't miss...

L Devine is a pop queen and she's from the North East so go support your local artist!! She has an amazing voice and has just featured on a song with Tinie Tempah which is sick. If you are a fan of Anne Marie, you will love L Devine.

Chappaqua Wrestling are another smaller act that have been about for a couple of years now, and if you like chilled out alternative music with lovely guitar riffs, you'll love this band. I saw them supporting The Night Cafe back in 2018 and they blended superbly with the band, so if you are a fan of that kind of mellow alt band with great instrumentals, go check them out. They'd go down perfectly with an early afternoon pint!

My final tip is NOISY. I interviewed the band a couple of weeks back and they have BLOWN up since. Alt-rock meets dance meets rap meets any genre ever. They're something for everyone. They used to be the indie band High Tyde, but ended that project to move into this new sound. If you like Slowthai or Example you'll love this band and they have some absolute bangers that are gonna be amazing to hear live.

I didn't want to do artists to skip because I think at a festival like Hit The North which debuts and gives a platform for so many smaller artists, its important to see as many smaller, new acts as you can. But, there is one act I saw and I was just a bit disappointed to see them third up; Baby Queen. I've listened to a lot of their work for NSR and it just doesn't hit for me, the songs try to be Avril Lavigne but they just aren't. However, you shouldn't just take my word for it - she has a very cool aesthetic and a good voice so you should definitely check her out if you are looking for new women in the alt-pop genre.

Hit The North festival returns to Newcastle City Centre on Saturday 23rd October 2021. Buy tickets here.

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