Ho-Ho-Holiday: Going home vs travelling

Going home, staying in Newcastle or travelling wherever, what are you plans for this year's winter break?

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29th November 2021
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We’re approaching the most wonderful time of the year and I bet you’re as excited as I am about going home for the winter break. 

As soon as teaching ends in December, I’m flying back to Geneva in Switzerland to spend Christmas and New Year’s with my friends and family from home. 

I can’t wait to eat well-cooked meals instead of my quickly whipped-up ones. Having an English mum and a Swiss dad, I’m lucky to have traditional Christmas meals from both cultures. However, I could never bring myself to pick between a lush roast with trifle, and a Swiss fondue with a yule log cake – they’re equally as good!

Christmas is all about bringing friends and family together in a festive setting where everyone can relax, have a laugh, enjoy each other’s company, and listen to carol songs on a continuous loop. 

One of my favourite activities to do during the winter break is going to the Old Town to see the Christmas decorations, browse around the markets and walk through the illuminated parks. Nothing beats roasted chestnuts and hot chocolate on a stroll to stay warm. 

I love to end the day by cosying up by the fireplace to watch my all-time favourite Christmas movies, such as The Holiday, Home Alone and Love Actually. Quality Streets, Celebrations, Ferrero Rocher, you name it, chocolate is always by my side during the Christmas holidays and it’s what I will gorge on when I go home.

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I’m planning on travelling in December, once this term’s teaching finishes. Why is travelling during the winter holidays, rather than staying in Newcastle or going home, a good choice?

One of the reasons is the amount of time off university that’s hypothetically available: from the 17th of December up to the date of your first January exam.

If you are considering travelling abroad, international students, like me, will likely be aware that the cost of flights home for Christmas can get quite costly compared the cost of travel on the same route at other times of the year. However, on less popular dates throughout December the costs of flights around Europe can be as little as £5. For example, I have been able to get different one-way flight tickets to travel to Poland, Italy, Slovakia, Austria and back to the UK for less than £50, including extra luggage.

Travelling this winter could be a great experience to share or even something to just do on your own

Even while international travel can feel risky and unreliable with lockdowns coming back in Europe, travelling within the borders of one’s home country this winter break can be equally fun, and it is a good opportunity to see places you’ve perhaps not considered exploring previously. Overall, I think that travelling this winter could be a great experience to share with your friends, partner, family, or perhaps even something to just do on your own!

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