Hope's lockdown picks

Hope Lynes lays down her lockdown listens

Hope Lynes
25th May 2020
@stelladonneley Instagram

Stella Donnelly - 'Die'

I absolutely adore Stella and this album, Beware of the Dogs, has really got me through lock-down. Her voice and lyrics are beautiful, and the songs are very easy to listen to, especially when doing something creative. 'Die' is also really uplifting.

Fontaines D.C. - 'A Hero's Death'

When Fontaines released this song back in May I was immediately obsessed. The Dogrel album is outstanding and this lives up as a new release. The beat is amazing and is really good addition to the playlist I put on for walking.

Sonderminds - 'Faux Pas'

This new song released by Sonderminds gave me a soundtrack to lockdown essentially. The vibes are on point for summer days, and even if right now we can't spend them as usual, the song laces good memories to me, and also drives me forward, a song about mental health, to a future that will improve.

Fleetwood Mac - 'Hold Me'

I've been listening to Fleetwood Mac a lot during lockdown, especially after a few drinks. I think the main reason is because I had no plans to see them live this summer, but I always will in the future. When you listen to Fleetwood Mac it also just makes you feel uplifted and calm. 'Hold Me' is a banger that I tend to have on when I write.

Idles - 'Mr Motivator'

Idles released ‘Mr Motivator’ mid May and it’s classic Idles, amazing lyrics about clichés and uplifting lyrics again adds this song to my walking playlist. Immediate punk classic!

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