Horticulture Review

Meggie Williams and Amanda Goh reviews the new brunch spot in NCL

Meggie Williams
18th November 2019
image: amanda goh
Brunch anyone?

Hidden in an alley along Pilgrim Street, a quaint new cafe-restaurant-bar emerges. You saw right, Horticulture is indeed a cafe in the day and a restaurant-bar at night. While it is well hidden, Horticulture is made up of 3 floors filled with plants and fairy lights.

On the first floor is the café which doubles up as a bar in the evening with a vibey balcony. We are told the bar in the evening has become extremely popular, and boasting an extensive cocktail menu, the best craft beers and incredibly 50 different types of percolators, we are not surprised. The second floor is a restaurant that follows directly on from breakfast at three and serves beautifully creative and well thought out small dishes that really show off the best of British produce. The open kitchen for me is the real selling point of the place. Who wouldn’t want to watch everything being cooked right before their eyes and being passionately explained everything by the chefs? The third floor is a couthy attic bar which can be booked for events… for those thinking about Christmas parties, hint, hint, nudge, nudge (I promise you, it would be perfect).

Not only was the atmosphere pleasing to the eye, we were also given an array of different dishes to choose from for brunch. From slow-cooked eggs to shakshuka, there were so many to choose from. Furthermore, the prices on their food were very reasonable. There were also many vegan and vegetarian options to go for!

Stepping in through the small door, we were instantly blown away by the aesthetics

With their cafe at the lowest floor, their upper floors are for dinner and functions. Similarly, the evening menu has dishes from shawarma to short ribs. Their restaurant (located on the second floor) even has an open kitchen where you would be able to talk to the chefs as well as watch them whip up your dinner!

On their website, they stated that in Horticulture, "[their company's] ethos and values "lie within fresh, organic , locally sourced produce throughout. we strive to create unique, tasty, forward thinking dishes and cocktails but with the focus on cultivating as much as possible from the source,"

"We are environmentally conscious, constantly trying to reduce our waste, reduce our carbon footprint, and also with as much renewable or biodegradable packaging as possible. Our aim is to do all of the above whilst creating a vibrant, bohemian atmosphere."

Now onto the most important bit, the food! Horticulture’s menu aims to be environmentally conscience, organic and locally sourced which makes for delicious, fresh food. Our brunch of shloumi and shakshuka arrived looking beautiful and tasted even better. The chefs passion for food shone through all of the small touches; for me, it was the piped, creamy avocado, the pine nuts, the perfectly crispy chorizo and halloumi, which took the brunch from being ‘just another brunch’ to probably one of the best brunches I’ve ever had.

The shakshuka is a one-skillet dish made of eggs poached in a flavourful tomato sauce. This dish is traditionally made in a cast iron pan and served straight with a side of bread. The shakshuka was filled with so much flavour and so delicious ingredients. While it could have done with more bread on the side (just because I love bread), even having the dish by itself was rich, intense and delicious.

Since it first launched six weeks ago, Horticulture has been the talk of the town, so we went along for brunch on a drizzly Friday to see what all the buzz was about. It didn’t disappoint. Stepping in through the small door, we were instantly blown away by the aesthetics; from the exposed bricks and beams, fairy lights, hanging chairs and copious pot plants, Horticulture is rustic yet oh so chic; it makes for a wonderful, bohemian vibe. It is definitely somewhere worth trying out!

Address: 1 Market Ln, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 6QQ

Website: horticultureuk.co.uk

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