Hosting the perfect Palentines day

A guide to the perfect Palentine's day full of good vibes and best friends

Annabel Hogg
14th February 2022
Image: Pixabay
Valentines can be a pretty dreary time of year for those of us who don’t have a partner to spend it with. Most of my Valentines have consisted of lots of Ben and Jerry’s and sad movies for this very reason, but this year – I’m making a change.

This year, my friends and I are having a very elaborate ‘Palentine's day’, and it would feel selfish to not share our, if I do say so myself, truly fantastic plan, with you all.

We start with brunch

This is a full-day event, and what better way to start that than with brunch? We’re doing the full thing  - fruit, avocado, pancakes, bucks fizz, you name it. We’re also going for a country cottage wife-core theme for this section of the day, which is optional but recommended for the vibes.

Image: Pixabay

Nothing but 2000s pop

Christina, Rihanna, Beyonce – all the classics. I’m ditching my Phoebe Bridgers for one day and sticking to my roots. This step is non-optional and crucial for having a good time.

We’re playing board games

This is supposed to be a wholesome aspect of the day, though I have to admit that I get far too competitive when the monopoly board comes out. Perhaps only follow this step if you and your friends have no history of storming off on Christmas day.

Image: Pixabay

Elaborate Charcuterie boards

I feel like this is pretty self-explanatory, but in my opinion – it’s going to be the best part of our day.

Dressing for the female gaze

For the evening activities, we’re wearing outfits that push us a little out of our comfort zone – I’m talking slip dresses and other things we’d only be comfortable to wear amongst friends and wouldn’t want to get ruined in clubs.


We’re opting for a civilised night drinking overpriced cocktails rather than going to Flares as we usually do (at least not before the clock strikes twelve).

We’re holding noughties girl group energy for the entire day

The most important step is to enjoy each other’s company and relish in the time we have together. It’s not often we have an entire day to be with each other and do the things we enjoy – so we really have to make the most of it!

It’s not often we have an entire day to be with each other and do the things we enjoy – so we really have to make the most of it!

Ultimately, these are just our plans for Palentine's day, and you can just use them as inspiration and alter them how you please. The most important thing to remember is that not having a partner on Valentine’s Day does not mean you’re alone on Valentine’s Day. Ultimately, there’s no purer love than that of your best friend’s.

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AUTHOR: Annabel Hogg
she/her| second year english literature student| relationships sub-editor 21/22

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