How can the university compensate students?

If fees aren't going to be reduced, what else could be done to help?

Meg Howe
19th October 2020
Image: Chris Day on Twitter and Joe Molander
While students seem divided on whether the University should reduce the fees for this academic year, one thing we can all agree on is that the University should do something to make this year worthwhile for students!

It seems that reducing fees is not an option. After petitions to both the government and the University, not much as been said in terms of the University’s stance. However, what seems a little more likely is that there could be a change in what is taught this year, and how it is taught.

One thing that seems rather fair is giving students another ‘safety net’ policy (or something similar to this, since they have no data with which to calculate the predicted results for those in stage one of their degree programme). With many students having to isolate for different periods of time, and some even getting quite ill, being lenient when it comes to assessments might be in the best interests of students. I cannot image the extra stress and pressure that someone could be under if they fell ill whilst in the middle of writing an assignment or just before the deadline day! Of course, the University does have the PEC system, yet I still believe more could be done to put student minds at ease.

One module leader has started uploading more lectures

Further, something that one module leader in the School of History, Classics and Archaeology has done that could definitely be replicated across the wider University is uploading more lectures! Rather than two hours of contact time that this module had previously had, the students registered onto this module now have up to five contact hours of which to take advantage.

Some members of academic staff appreciate that the educational value for money is nowhere near the usual standard

It is very reassuring to see some members of academic staff understand that this year is rather different for everyone, and that the value for money we are receiving this year is nowhere near the usual standard. This is definitely something that could (and should) be implemented across the entire University.

Something that is needed without a doubt is continuity across each degree programme. It is not helpful when senior staff members contradict themselves and are unclear when it comes to communicating with students. We need some clarity!

Featured Image: Chris Day on Twitter and Joe Molander

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AUTHOR: Meg Howe
Passionate History student and Educator

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