How do we know Spring is really here?

Amy McGarahan tells us what are the things that make her think of spring and how she knows spring is truly here.

Amy McGarahan
15th March 2021

As we move into Spring, you often hear people say: “Spring has finally sprung!” But why do we say that? How do we know that Spring is really here? Here are three things which make me realise that we can leave the winter behind us and move into the Spring months.

Firstly, the change in weather is a very definitive factor. The sun comes out, days get warmer, and we can sometimes even brave a chilly BBQ in the garden with family or friends. The temperature gets into the mid-to-high-teens and we welcome the much-needed vitamin D. On the other hand, the saying “April showers” often rings true. However, in 2020, the UK had its sunniest April on record, with very little rain. Hopefully we are as lucky this year!

We can look forward to spending some post-lecture evenings enjoying the amazing parks and beaches that surround Newcastle

Another thing which signifies that Spring is here is the brighter mornings and evenings. Early risers no longer have to wake up in the pitch black, confused about whether they’ve woken up in the middle of the night or whether it’s actually time to get up. Evenings are lighter and warmer, and with the allowance of picnics in public parks imminent, we can look forward to spending some post-lecture evenings enjoying the amazing parks and beaches that surround Newcastle.

Finally, we know it’s Spring when Easter rolls around. Kids are taking part in egg hunts, whilst adults enjoy the long bank holiday weekend. For students, it is often a time filled with revision and essay-writing, with little time to enjoy the festivities, but hopefully, this year, with some brighter days on the way, we can take time out to make memories with family and friends (socially distanced of course!).

Image credit: Pixabay @castleguard

I think with recent announcements, we can look forward to the sunnier days of spring with optimism, and hope that we will finally be able to see our friends and family after so long, whether that be in parks and gardens, or down at the pub! Hopefully Spring 2021 will be one to remember. 

Feature image credit: Pixabay @mylene2401

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