How does music influence your sense of style?

Although we may not explicitly change our fashion sense to align with our music tastes, this can often happen organically, and without us even realising. Victoria Osho explores how much her musical favourites have shaped the way she dresses.

Victoria Osho
22nd December 2020

On first glance, it might seem that music has little to do with how you dress, and you can have different music tastes that do not alter how you decide to dress yourself. But is there a link? I say yes. At least for me.

My sense of style has pretty much changed with my music taste. I listen to mostly alternative, rock, electronic, heavy metal and pop punk music. My biggest inspirations are snail mail, Fka twigs and beebadoobee.

As a result of listening to music like this constantly, I’ve found that this has affected my aesthetic immensely. Without even realising, I’ve traded in my older clothes for clothes that fit that aesthetic a bit more (a mix of the art hoe, vintage e-girl styles). In fact, I only just properly realised this when I chose to write this article.
I find that when you watch the music videos of the people you most enjoy to listen to, you start to think “hold on, I really like what they’re wearing too, I feel like that suits me as well!” And then it just happens organically. It kind of takes the same form as beginning to take little bits of words and phrases from the people you spend the most time with.

Is this guaranteed to happen to everyone? Of course not. We are not a monolith, and I’m sure some people out there can listen to Metallica with their overalls on (me included). It’s just interesting to see how the music you listen to affects all aspects of your life like your dressing, and even your perspective.

Image- Instagram: @fkatwigs

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