How I got over my fear of ageing

Do you feel the fear with every number added to your age?

Grace Boyle
15th March 2023
Image Credits: Pixabay
The realisation and shift in perspective when we no longer see the world through the teenage rose-tinted lens.

I realised after turning 20 that leaving my teens was not something I felt exactly prepared for. I was scared that, on some level, I was expected to start a new chapter and embrace my twenties when I didn’t yet have enough stability or direction in my life.

Feeling anxious about ageing is completely normal and something we all go through. We put into perspective and evaluate where we are in our lives, and we can compare it to others and how they succeed. The fear can also come from the fact that our time at university is a relatively short period, but living away from home can mean relationships with friends and family can drift.

Ageing is not something that should be feared but should reflect the life experience and accomplishments we have achieved. It is important, as students, to enjoy our time and go out and experience the world. We have time, and here are some ways that have helped me embrace my fear of growing up:

Staying mentally active

Reading and learning new skills helped me realise that I should value curiosity and educate myself on topics such as the history of Ukraine and Russia. Somethings no one will teach you, and stimulating your brain can keep your mind sharp and alert.

Connect with others

Maintaining relationships and social connections for people of all ages can be beneficial as we grow up. Working a part-time job and socialising with people from different places and ages has taught me a lot and made me feel more comfortable growing up. Diversity of perspectives and learning opportunities can make you feel like maturing is a good thing. Surrounding yourself with people older and younger than you makes you realise aging is not always bad.

Staying healthy

Taking care of your health and mental well-being can impact how confident or anxious you are about ageing. Becoming more active and staying in touch with your feelings is beneficial in keeping negative thoughts at bay. For example, setting a step count for the day, meditation, going on solo days out or going to the gym. Getting into good habits will help self-esteem and improve quality of life and longevity (which is what we want if we are scared to get old!).

Shift perspective

Reframing your thinking and believing that ageing is a positive thing can help you stop you thinking negatively. Considering the benefits of growing up and maturing can reflect your personal growth and the life lessons you have had. Looking back, I am glad I have grown up and am no longer as naïve as I was. Growing up can mean having more time for things you enjoy and can allow you to look forward to new things in your life and new achievements.

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AUTHOR: Grace Boyle
Sub-editor for Campus Comment,

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