How to eat a Baby Bell

Ever struggled to eat a Baby Bell? Well fear not, The Courier is at hand with this quick and easy guide

George Bell
1st April 2022
Credit: Open Food Facts
The Baby Bell is an iconic staple of British cuisine. A tasty snack that brings together any packed lunch, this tiny wheel of cheese could do no wrong. But you know who could do wrong? You.

Recent and extensive surveys have determined that 80% of Brits are eating Baby Bells wrong. From taking a bite straight through the wrapper to only eating the wrapper, the number of crimes committed against these poor dairies is unforgivable.

In a stand against these cheesy felonies, I have decided to educate the masses with this easy step by step guide on how to eat a Baby Bell. And no, this is not a guide on how to eat any children I may or may not have in the future.


Acquire one singular Baby Bell. Each Baby Bell requires ample time, support and individual attention, so this process must not be done en mass but rather one at a time.


Delicately unwrap the Baby Bell like a freshly grown flower greeting spring. This is the only use of the wrapper and should not be interacted with throughout the rest of the process.


Intimately grab one of the tassels attached to the edge of the wax. Gently peel as if you would a zipper and watch with satisfaction as the thread loops around. The wax strip should finally detach and be placed aside. 


File:Babybel (143761741).jpeg - Wikimedia Commons
The beauty withing, Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Like a clam revealing its pearl, pull on the top of the waxy container of the Baby Bell and you should be greeted by the sweet aroma and look of the cheesy snack awaiting you.

At this stage, you may be tempted to take a bite now, but DO NOT. There is the risk of biting the underbelly of the cheese still encased in wax and even if you do not, it will make retrieval of that cheese very difficult.


Once the foreplay is complete, you are finally ready to completely remove the cheese. But take care as you start pulling out as violent motions may cause it to rip. Gentle forward and back motions are the best way to ease the cheese out.


Once the cheese is finally naked, enjoy your hard work and dig in.

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AUTHOR: George Bell
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