How to keep in contact with house mates after uni

Here are some tips on how to keep in contact with friends when you move back home after uni.

Joseph Caddick
13th May 2021
One of the hardest parts of your university journey coming to a close is going back home, which makes staying in touch with friends and flatmates so much more difficult. This past year has introduced us to a lot of new ways to stay in touch with people, as well as the classic methods. Here are some ways to keep in contact with friends and flatmates after you finish your studies:

Social media: It’s often seen as a blessing and a curse but social media allows us to stay connected with people around the world quite easily. Group chats are a great way to keep in touch with a specific group, but you can also use private chats. If your friends don’t have a strong social media presence then there are alternative options.

Phone or video calls: Phone calls have been a consistent way of getting in touch with people for decades, and video calls add the ability to see people’s faces when you might not be able to see them in person. Video calls can be a little more draining (as seen with Zoom seminars this year), so having a chat on the phone is always a solid option, especially for one-on-one conversations.

In-person meetings or holidays: Though they’re a little bit harder to plan, there’s nothing quite like meeting up with your friends in person. Depending on how far apart you are, this could get quite pricey and involve a lot of travelling, so you could extend it to last a few days as a mini-holiday.

Alternatively, you could go on a big group holiday and enjoy being back together and a nice change of scenery at the same time.

Online game nights: One positive of the past year is that we’ve been introduced to so many online games to kill time during the pandemic. Games like and Among Us have proven to be particularly popular during the pandemic, but there’s also so many other options, like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Smash Bros Ultimate or Minecraft. Even Super Mario Party now offers online play. Combining online games with a voice chat app like Discord brings a level of interactivity to what is basically a phone call. Quiz nights have a lot of the same advantages here.

Watch parties: Something else that has been introduced following the pandemic is the ability to watch something at the same time as your friends even if you’re not in the same room. A few streaming services like Disney+ have watch party options, and then unofficial add-ons like Netflix Party exist for other services. Some offer a text chat and some don’t, but you could also join a call with your friends to talk about whatever it is you’re watching.

These methods will still work for people who aren’t finishing their degrees but want to stay in touch with friends over the summer break. We’re lucky to have so many different ways to keep in touch with people now, hopefully there’s something for everyone.


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