How to make mothers day special?

Faye Navesey tells us how we can make our Mum's happy this Mother's day and why we should all celebrate our Mum's.

Faye Navesey
13th March 2021

If there is one thing this pandemic has taught me its how much I need my mum. So when an opportunity comes to celebrate the incredible woman who knows me more than anyone else I seize it. These are just some of the things you can do to make this mothers day special for your mum without bankrupting yourself.

When an opportunity comes to celebrate the incredible woman who knows me more than anyone else I seize it

  1. Even if you’re not at home with your mum it doesn’t mean you can’t speak to her, give her a Facetime, just small acts like this, that take very little time might make your mums day. To make a bigger event of it you could play fun games or watch a film together, things like this can make calls feel more personal!
  2. You could order a gift to be sent home too, it doesn’t have to cost much just a little something to show that you’ve thought of her. You could even make it yourself! (If you’re reading this on Mothers day and you don’t have time to order anything, a good idea is to order food for her so she doesn’t have to cook, ask any parent and I’m sure they’ll be thankful for a night off from cooking!) 
  3. If you are at home then this opens your options up significantly, thankfully the pandemic has ensured that a lot of us are at home, the first thing I would suggest, and this is an odd one but make sure the house is tidy, especially if your mum is the one that does the cleaning more regularly give her a day off and tidy up for her.
  4. Following on from this, you could cook for her as well, it doesn’t have to be fancy but making your mums favourite meal is a great way to say thank you. If you feel like challenging yourself you could even make a Sunday roast!
Image credit: Pixabay, @alirazagurmani9272

The most important way to celebrate your mum is to just spend time with her, during lockdown it feels like we can never escape the people we live with but how long do we actually spend together? It’s easy to be in your mum’s presence without being present so this mothers day just spend time with your mum and show her how much she means to you! And Happy Mothers Day!

Feature Image credit: Pixabay, @blickpixel

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