How to Pack for a Holiday... Fashion & Beauty Style

At this point in the semester, we are all daydreaming of a getaway

Imogen Smillie
8th March 2022
Image: Instagram @organistaofficial
We’re fully into the year now, and honestly, I think it’s time for a holiday. But what will you be packing?

Ask anyone I know, and they will say they hate packing for a holiday. But luckily, being organised for me is practically a hobby, so this is how I pack for a holiday – a perfectionist's addiction!

The main thing for me is feeling comfortable!

The main thing is where you’ll be going. Is it somewhere sunny and warm, or cold and snowy? And with the recent pandemic, there has been a massive increase in the number of holiday goers within the UK, so you know, expect rain and pack layers! If its somewhere warm, we’re thinking shorts, vest tops, skirts, dresses and of course a swimming costume. If it’s cold, wrap up warm with hoodies, possibly joggers (extra comfy), hat scarves, gloves and most likely some fluffy snow boots. Don't forget to treat yourself with a new outfit for evening meals. The main thing for me is feeling comfortable! Toiletries are a given. Just make sure you don't have too much in your hand luggage if you're flying! You do not want to have to open your case up at customs! Extras I like to have with me away are sea salt spray (taming my hair in the humidity), sun cream, and for when I inevitably burn, after sun or aloe vera! Make-up wise, I'd say keep it minimum. Less is more when you have a nice tan, minimal coverage will give you more time to enjoy the finer things on your getaway!

Image: Instagram @organistaofficial

I could go onto explain how I pack the exact pairs of underwear for the number of days away

If you want to be extra organised packing cubes are a great idea, splitting up clean clothes, dirty clothes, toiletries etc. A recent find of mine is to roll your clothes instead of folding them. Seems crazy, but it actually saves you loads of space in your case! I could go on to explain how I plan the exact number of pairs of underwear for the number of days I’ll be away (plus extras just in case), but that takes away the relaxation we all want and need. So stay comfy and enjoy!!

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