How to save money as a student, whilst still living a good uni life

Lyndsey Ward discusses different ways to save money as a student while still having a fulfilling student life

Lyndsey Ward
26th October 2020
Saving money whilst being a uni student can often be difficult, particularly if you are new to budgeting and handling your own finances. However, budgeting and reducing your spending doesn't mean that you can't still enjoy living life as a university student. Here's some tips and tricks on how to save money whilst still having fun at uni!

Socialising can often seem the most costly part of university (particularly before the restrictions, when it was easier to get out and about), but it doesn't have to be expensive. If you're going out for food or drinks, make sure you have budgeted for these outings, and be honest with yourself about whether or not you're really in a position to afford them.

Particularly in the circumstances that we find ourselves, suggesting things like walks or picnics, are cheaper and equally as fun ways to socialise (safer too). Moreover, instead of going out for food and drinks with your flat or house, or ordering takeaways, you can stay in and make each other food.

You could host a house come-dine with me, or host themed food nights such as a 'pizza night' and a 'tapas night'. Things like this are loads of fun and save you money. You could even decorate your space with candles and lights to recreate a restaurant's ambience. Home-made cocktails and bevarages are also easy and fun to make too and work out a lot cheaper than buying cocktails and alcoholic drinks out.

Another costly part of university is buying books, whether that be text books or works of literature. Second hand book stores online such as World of books, awesome books and abe books sell second hand books at much cheaper prices than brand new copies. However, Blackwell's also offer great bundles for our university's modules that price match with amazon, and the cost of buying your module's bundle, works out significantly cheaper than buying the books individually. The library is of course too, a great resource to use, you just can't always rely on availability.

Another couple of great ways to save your money, is planning ahead for your cooking.

When you make a rough meal plan of what you will be cooking in the next couple of weeks, this helps you know exactly what you need to buy on your food shop, and it stops you from buying random/ unnecessary items or ingredients.

Additionally, for those living in student houses, one of the easiest and most obvious ways to save money is by being smart with your water, gas and electricity. Taking shorter showers, making sure you switch lights and other appliances off when you aren't using them and only using your heating when you really need to, are all ways that can help you save on your bills.

Finally, charity shops and vintage stores are great places to buy your clothes and even things such as games or DVDs for your flat/house. You'll be amazed at some of the things you can grab for such a cheap price!

You don't have to over-spend to enjoy yourself at uni, budgeting and planning cheaper social events can really make a difference.

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