Taking a positive inspiration from online influencers

Imogen Clarke discusses if it's possible to take inspiration from influencers, without endorsing our generation’s false view of what’s “normal”?

Imogen Clarke
29th October 2021
Image: Instagram @@florence.simpsonn
Whether you get your beauty and fashion advice from influencers, friends, or people on the street, it's often hard to follow your own style without getting bogged down by trends and body image.

Influencing on platforms like Instagram, and increasingly TikTok is negatively impacting our generation, especially those growing up with social media from a young age.

But it’s not all bad if we educate ourselves on what a normal body looks like, even in amazing clothes and make-up. Plenty of smaller influencers are trying to normalise things like cellulite, acne and bloating after food, whilst also providing that lovely fashion inspiration.

So, if you ever find yourself comparing your body to hers, or your face to his, change who you follow.

Instagram - @enamasiama

Yes, we all know that Kylie Jenner doesn’t actually look like that (and neither can you without a few million and a very good surgeon!). But even the best of us forget that sometimes.

It all comes down to the posing, the lighting, the breathing in, even without fillers and editing!

And even the biggest influencers can, and should, be open about this. Molly-Mae, for example, is the most well-known (and richest!) UK fashion influencer right now. But she is clear about how she takes and edits her Instagram photos, as well as ‘sharing the mistakes’ she made with filler. If you want my advice, take the style advice from social media, and leave your body to the experts (you!).

My confidence-fashion-influencer recommendations: @izzierodgers, @danaemercer, @jamie_zella, @bambycollective, @charlottepeirce_

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