I know what you watched last summer.

At long last, we are reunited with the cinema! But with so many films to catch up on and more being released, what should we be watching? Here are a couple of our writers recommendations...

William Allender
17th October 2021
Credit: IMDb and Pixabay
With the cinema finally back in full swing and a backlog of releases to work through, there is a lot of films to be watched. Here are a couple of those films that writers have been able to watch after their long awaited reuinion with the big screen.


After feelings of doubt about whether Candyman (2021) would capture the same psychological horror conveyed in the original, I finally got to see it in cinemas over the summer. I can confirm that Candyman is a worthy predecessor and worth a watch if you’re looking for a good scare! The psychological confusion and distortion of reality are carried over brilliantly, presented clearly by the protagonist Anthony McCoy (played by the excellent Yahya Abdul-Mateen).

Credit: IMDb

However, the film is not just a simple copy and paste of the original as it is unique in dealing with socio-political issues regarding police brutality and gentrification. The film's writers Jordon Peele, Win Rosenfield and director Nia DaCosta are excellent at conveying these topical issues and being a big fan of Peele's previous work, Get Out (2017) and Us (2019), I was happy to see him being successful here. If you get the chance to see this supernatural slasher, I highly recommend you do!

William Allender


Batshit. That is the only way I can describe James Wan's Malignant. When I went to watch it I went in with literally no expectations, none, and it was the best way to go into this film. An amazing ride from start to finish, Malignant further cements Wan as a horror icon with inventive camera work and a stellar soundtrack.

Credit: IMDb

The plot is absolutely ridiculous, and that is what makes it so good. A throwback to more camp horror films, Malignant can be most enjoyed if you don't take it seriously. This isn't Saw (2004), The Conjuring (2013) or Insidious (2010) and you shouldn't go in expecting this or you will be setting yourself up for disappointment. But that certainly doesn't mean it isn't a lot of fun with its fair share of scares. If you watch one film this Halloween, make sure it is this.

George Bell

We are so grateful to be back in the cinema and as we enter the end of the year, we are getting treated with some more excellent titles like No Time To Die, Dune, and The French Dispatch so be sure to keep tuned in with The Courier for all our thoughts and opinions

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