“I wanna dance!” Newcastle University Dance Society showcase their work

Elisa Litvin gives the rundown on a superb end of year showcase by the Dance Society

Elisa Litvin
7th May 2018
The best of the best: Show opening by the girls who had to compete for their spot in this routine Image: NUDS

On 27 and  28 April Newcastle University’s Dance Society gave three amazing performances  at the Northern Stage.

The show is considered to be one of the most important events for the whole society as everyone gets the chance to shine in front of approximately 500 people.

Spectators had the opportunity to enjoy 40 spectacular routines from eight different styles. Also, it was everyone’s last chance to see the award winning competition pieces that brought a record of 32 trophies to the society earlier in the year.

From an iconic dance to the Greatest Showman soundtrack to the graceful Don Quixote ballet, the choreographers made sure to be as diverse as possible. Behind all those beautiful choreographies there is a lot of dedication and passion towards the dancing community.

Just a week leading up to the show, there were compulsory practice sessions of eight to 10 hours, where each team had to perform their routine twice in front of everybody.

The head of the rehearsals was this year’s talented show coordinator Amy McMann. It could not have been such a success without her hard work. McMann was pleased with the outcome: “I am so unbelievably proud with everyone who took part in this event!“

[pullquote]The most powerful moment for the society was getting a standing ovation from the audience[/pullquote]

She also gained some new knowledge: “The process was so tough but unbelievably rewarding. I learnt things never go perfectly and perhaps the best things are imperfectly perfect“

McMann also highlighted her unforgettable experience in the society overall: “My time at university would not have been the same without this community. Dance for life!“

On average, each dancer performed in five different pieces. However, Advanced Contemporary teacher Elena Corcobado decided to test her stamina and took part in 10 routines, including her own Pointe solo.

Nevertheless, she did not regret deciding to be involved in so many dances, as it helped her to get out of her comfort zone, learn different styles and meet new people.

Corcobado admitted: “Yes, I obviously messed up a couple of times! It is very hard not to! Although I gave my best and I think the audience loved the show anyway.“

The spectators definitely enjoyed the show. Each dancer could feel it from their cheer and strong applause. The most powerful moment for the society was getting a standing ovation from the audience during their last performance on Saturday.

As this year’s dancing season has come to an end, anyone who wants to join the society will have to wait till September. More information will be on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/NCLDanceSociety/.

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