Trends of the 2010s

Em Richardson shares her most memorable trends of the 2010s as we say goodbye to the decade.

Em Richardson
8th December 2019
pixabay jonas_svidras
Amazingly, the 2010s are already drawing to a close. With this in mind, it seems the perfect time to take a look at five of the decade’s most iconic fashion trends.

Teeny tiny sunglasses

Instagram: @emmachamberlain

In previous decades, we’ve lived by the mantra of ‘the bigger, the better’ when it comes to sunglasses. Recall Audrey Hepburn in the iconic film Breakfast at Tiffany’s. However, this decade saw the rise of an altogether different trend: tiny sunglasses. Picture Neo in The Matrix, and you’re thinking along the right lines. These shades are tricky to pull off but can provide an outfit with a unique twist, when incorporated correctly. Personally, I’m hoping this is a trend that doesn’t live to see 2021.

Chunky sneakers

Instagram: @haleypham

From Nike to Fila, to Balenciaga, it seems everyone is loving the ‘so hideous they’re cool’ sneaker trend. The 2010s will definitely be remembered as the decade when it became acceptable to wear trainers just about anywhere, and paired with any outfit. Our desire for ‘unique’ sneakers seems unlikely to wane anytime soon, so I’d recommend investing in a pair. (After all, it seems you’ll be able to get your money’s worth and wear them for pretty much any social occasion).

Mom jeans

Instagram: @best.dressed

Move over skinny jeans; you’ve got competition. Over the past couple of years, it seems the classic skinny jean has been replaced by their baggier, and arguably more conservative, cousin. I blame Barb from Stranger Things, but nonetheless I’m a huge fan of Mom jeans. As someone who’s a size bigger on the bottom, I find them much more flattering than skinny jeans and their high-waist fit means they look great with a simple t-shirt tucked into the waistband. The now-iconic denim trend is also versatile enough to be worn with a nice shirt on a night out too.


Instagram: @tammyhembrow

Thankfully, this is a trend most of us abandoned long ago, but the 2010s saw a definite increase in sales of leggings. See-through, skin-tight, and usually baring a hideous pattern, it’s no wonder leggings are a thing of the past. Still, there was an alarming period during the early 2010s when they seemed to be everywhere, and not just on those currently playing sport!


Instagram: @boohoo of @parishilton

Chokers are one of those 2010s trends that have simply been ever-present. Their popularity has never peaked, but neither has it fallen- they’ve simply been lingering in the background of the entire decade, sitting above the neckline of everything from woollen jumpers to skater dresses.

Nonetheless, the past 10 years have brought us some fashion memories that will not be forgotten, even though we wish we could, so here's to a new decade, featuring even more weird and wonderful trends.

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