If you've got it, haunt it

Kate Baguley gives us her emergency DIY hacks for those last-minute costume nightmares

Kate Baguley
29th October 2018
Image: Angela Wolz

It is approaching Halloween, and you are adamant you are staying in. No fussing with costumes, or make-up, or who’s going to have the best party. Suddenly, all your housemates have plans and there is absolutely no way you are staying in alone. What are you going to do?

Do not panic. You don’t need to rush to Northumberland Street and raid Magic Box for whatever they have left. You have everything you need sat right in the back of your wardrobe! Here’s how to make a last-minute DIY dead school girl/boy without splashing any cash…

[pullquote]To complete the look, the face needs to look just as distressed as the shirt[/pullquote]

Do you remember that one time you went to a ‘back to school’ event in freshers, resulting in your old school tie lingering at the back of your underwear drawer? Well, now is the time to crack it out again. Firstly, you’ll need a white shirt. If you don’t have one of these lying around, you can just use an old white t-shirt! The trick to making the outfit look best is to cut some holes/slits into the shirt with scissors, pulling them open with your hands to create some frays for a distressed look. Once this is done over the entire shirt, you’ll need some fake blood or a substitute such as red food colouring, or red lipstick! Splatter or smudge the product in random places on the shirt - the more splattering, the better! Next, you’ll need your basic school wear attire - a black skirt with tights or socks, or shorts/ black jeans for you boys out there.

To complete the look, the face needs to look just as distressed as the shirt. Pale make-up gives a ‘dead’ look and creates a perfect blank canvas to create bruises or cuts. To make these bruises, all you need to do is gently layer eyeshadow, using purple shades, brown shades and yellow shades in a crescent shape anywhere desired on the face! Finish the look off with some red lipstick and smudge to make the look much bloodier and... ta-dah! You have an effortless outfit that’s cost you nothing but a bit of time - result.

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