Iker Casillas comes out on Twitter, claims to have been hacked

Potential long-lasting damage and fear was spread from the former footballer's actions

Tom Barlow
1st November 2022
Image: Wikimedia Commons
Casillas announced on his Twitter account that he was gay, before later tweeting that his account was hacked. 

The tweet read on the 9th October, 13:10, “I hope you respect me: I’m gay. #HappySunday.” 

Readers were instantly skeptical of this tweet, due to the random message of ‘Happy Sunday’ at the end of it. This, coupled with the media’s persistent need to link the former Real Madrid goalkeeper with female reporters, incited the belief that this was a needless joke on the LGBTQ+ community. 

The situation was made ten times worse when former Spain teammate, Carlos Puyol, tweeted “now is the time to tell everyone about us.” A funny tagalong to a joke in his eyes; later to be adding fire to a cruel joke. 

Casillas' tweet (Image credit: Twitter @Englishstreamtv)

When Casillas tweeted, at 15:36 on the same day, that his account was hacked and he extended his apologies to the LGBTQ+ community, Puyol was made to look even worse for his prior comment. 

Later saying he had made a mistake and a stupid joke, readers were left befuddled at just quite what had gone on during their Sunday afternoon.  The former Spanish captain was hacked, the LGBTQ+ community had been mocked and a Barcelona legend had stupidly added to the insanity. 

Whether Casillas was actually hacked or not is left to the public’s discretion, but the acts of Puyol were truly bewildering and needless. A man who has spent his whole adult life in the public eye should know better than to make an obviously offensive joke on one of the biggest social media platforms in the world.  

In a world where there are only a handful of openly gay, male footballers, the events of Sunday cut just that bit deeper into the offense caused.  

Santi Rivero, the LGBTI and Diversity secretary for the Spanish Socialist Worker’s Party, tweeted a reminder to Casillas that if it was a joke, then an apology should be forthcoming, as the first footballer to come out as homosexual committed suicide due to the abuse he received.  

One cannot help being hacked, but the entirety of the debacle was just needless and perhaps damaging for any future footballers wishing to express their sexuality to the world.

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