Immortality for All (15) Review

Helena Buchanan reviews this set of films on cosmology

Helena Buchanan
12th March 2018
Image: Wikimedia Commons

Having been a bit of an arty fart for a while, I have experienced a lot of bullshit, but these films about cosmology may have actually topped the crap-heap. Although the film-makers were undoubtedly talented, each piece carefully crafted and visually arresting, the content was such utter bollocks that you could barely focus on the decent cinematography.

To be completely honest, it’s a few days now since I saw these films, so a detailed review isn’t possible (partly also due to attempts to block the experience out). I can tell you that cosmism is a school of philosophy which somehow posits that the sun was the main factor in causing the Russian Revolution. Not starving peasants then…

The description of the event described cosmism as ‘a now largely forgotten school of Russian philosophy’, to which I can only respond that forgetting might be for the best.

The first film frequently flicked to a blank red screen, narration eventually revealing that this colour was supposed to be good for your health, which was all good and well until the second film started to make further health claims.

The second film continually flicked back to a field where something which I can only describe as a spaceship-skeleton was suspended a little over head-height which, if you stood under it, was supposed to improve the health of you and then all society.

The overall tract of cosmism (as far as I could tell) was that humans should strive for immortality. I could not help but remember Dunbar from Catch-22 who believed boredom ledd to immortality as time stretched out...

In spite of the general crapness, though, I would recommend having a look at the Tyneside website for other instalments in the ‘AV’ series. It’s basically a series all about socialism: what’s not to love? Particularly in this painful era of right-wing or centre-left politics.

Rating: 1/5

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