Impeachment - self interest Trumps accountability

Faye Navesey discusses the political flaws that have enabled Donald Trump to dodge impeachment.

Faye Navesey
6th February 2020
It’s no secret there are several flaws with the US political system. One of the greatest being the way legal proceedings are highly partisan which renders them simply a spectacle and near useless at holding politicians to account.

The actions of the current president have been undoubtedly immoral and illegal, which makes it a damning indictment of the American political system that he will not be impeached.

Whilst the House of Representatives have decided that the President is guilty of abuse of office by trying to coerce the Ukrainian leader to provide him with information about Joe Biden, the Senate will never vote to remove him. As the Senate is majority Republican so the chance of them voting to remove their party’s President is infinitesimal. To make the situation even worse, they have even decided to refuse to allow key witnesses like John Bolton to stand despite them potentially having crucial knowledge.

This shows the impeachment process is highly flawed as it is controlled by people who have an interest in keeping Trump in power making it impossible for him to be held accountable for his actions.

Also, the atmosphere that Trump and his allies have created surrounding this issue is extremely toxic. His rhetoric attacking Democrats and talking about witch hunts has made all criticism of him seem invalid and politically motivated therefore if he was to be removed from office there would be an uproar among his supporters which is yet another example of how partisan and contentious this issue has become. Instead of being a legal trial it has become just plain old party politics.

Trump will survive this scandal, just as he survived the Russia report and the dozens of other scandals that came before that, because, despite talk of checks and balances, the American political system is incapable of holding the President to account objectively.

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