In 2021, I want to improve my relationship with myself

Sarah Lahiri has used lockdown to focus on herself

Sarah Lahiri
7th February 2021
With the pandemic forcing everyone indoors for nearly all of 2020, time was in abundance for once. Some chose to learn new skills, pursue hobbies or go on a journey of self-discovery.

But, for me, with so much time to myself in the name of physical safety, I was forced to face issues I almost never had time to think about before. In this way, my mental health took a toll and despite desperate efforts at distraction, there’s only so much banana bread you can bake.

I was either deconstructing my every flaw, or convincing myself that something was one. Towards the end of it, rather than perfecting a Tik Tok trend like most people,  I managed to push myself further and further away.

"2021 brought brand new opportunities to work on myself."

However, amidst the hope for a vaccine and the joy in seeing the year disappear forever, 2021 brought brand new opportunities to work on myself. Despite being a resolution sceptic, I have begun treating this as a goal and not a luxury. Improving my relationship with myself and rediscovering things that fuel and not just sustain me, is crucial. 

As someone that works themselves sick, reconnecting with hobbies that don’t necessarily equate to productivity and doing things just because I want to is the first step. I spent 2020 trying to maintain relationships with friends and family, and I am hopeful that 2021 allows me to find my way back to myself.


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