Indie Insight: Millie

Georgina Howlett takes a look at Millie, a deceptively difficult indie gem.

Georgina Howlett
27th February 2018

Forever Entertainment’s Millie released onto the Nintendo Switch eShop on February 8th, and I have to admit, it’s a puzzle game that has me stumped. It’s almost as if Pac-Man and Snake (yes, as in the old mobile game that was installed on 90s Nokia phones) had a baby and then that baby grew hundreds more legs in an attempt to run away from the reality of its situation.

Well, maybe not that last part, but Millie definitely combines the gameplay styles of Pac-Man and Snake in that it combines the challenges of collecting a complete series of colourful orbs with that of a body which constantly extends the more you eat. You have to avoid your own elongated form as you navigate around the various mazes, utilise a variety of power-ups, and ultimately make your way to the portal which leads you onwards to the next level to start the entire cycle over again.

Some of these levels can take up to ten minutes to solve, and one mistake can end it all

Personally, I think Millie’s advertising is slightly false; it is advertised as a ‘joyful, casual puzzle game’, but really, it’s the kind of game that will make you want to tear your hair out in frustration and confusion. Several levels require that you remember the exact route to travel in order to avoid a dead end (or worse, your still-moving rear end), or else that you traverse them in a particular way or order as to not end up too lengthy to fit around some of the tighter loops and turns. This can quickly become a farce when you realise just how huge the maps become, and make you want to curl into a ball and never open the game up again, but I suppose you do have the ability to hold X and scope out the entire level while your millipede body just sits frozen in time, so maybe I can’t be too upset…


…that’s a lie, I can be very upset. Some of these levels take up to ten minutes to solve, and one mistake can end all of my good work – but then again, I suppose there is the rewind power-up that takes you back to the last available turning choice you had to make… Humph. Still not very cool.

It’s got bright, colourful visuals that are incredibly well-refined

I may sound like I’m complaining about this game, but to be perfectly honest, it’s actually a wonderful addition to the Switch’s growing indie library. It’s got bright, colourful visuals that are incredibly well-refined for an indie title, some (slightly eerie) cheerful music to keep you on your toes, an intriguing playstyle and a variety of level designs and gameplay environments that will keep you entertained for hours – not least because some of the levels are just. So. Hard. If there’s one thing that I will complain about, it’s the fact that once you’ve inputted a direction, Millie will automatically keep moving in that direction until you direct her otherwise. This can get quite frustrating if you let your eyes drift even for a second from the screen, so be wary!

If you’re looking for a puzzler that will hold your attention, and if you’re missing those 90s vibes, try out Millie. It’s only £4.49 on the eShop, and with over 90 diverse levels to make your way through and a variety of mini games to shake things up, you can’t really go wrong. Well, you can, if you make a single wrong turn, but…

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