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Laura J. Williams gives us some much needed fashion inspiration in a list of ladies who are bossing the social scene

Laura J. Williams
26th May 2020
@nastygal on Instagram
Although some may like to deny it, fashion influencers are important to many of us. Of course, they give us ideas for fabulous ensembles and show us what designers to look out for, but that isn’t all they are.

Many fashion influencers also inspire us to feel better within ourselves, not simply influence what we look like, or what we wish to look like on the outside. With that mind, I've compiled a list of fashion influencers who inspire me to be happier in myself whilst still looking like a boss.  


Lucy describes herself as the ‘average girl’ YouTuber, who ‘pretends to know things about fashion and life advice’. Although she may label herself as someone pretending, she’s doing a pretty good job of convincing her thousands of followers of her genuine fashion knowledge (particularly for girls’ sizes 12-16) and inspiring attitude.

Lucy does this whilst being positive and motivational, and a general ray of sunshine in a typical gloomy quarantine day. For this reason, she is the number one YouTuber I would go to for style encouragement when I’m not feeling quite the level of confidence I would want for myself.


April of Coolirpa is a fashion and upcycling YouTuber who turns pieces that were once out of fashion into something new and wearable. Perfect for those of you who want to stay in fashion without overbuying, keeping environmentally responsible, and giving us all a welcome distraction from anything but deadlines and quarantine.

According to April, she is ‘just a girl with a huge creative heart for fashion design’, and this shows in everything she does. Even excluding her own gorgeous designs, April is a girl who knows how to dress in a beautifully understated way. If you need some first date outfit inspiration (whenever we can do those again) her YouTube channel and Instagram is definitely the place to go.


Wendy does a similar thing to the previously mentioned Coolirpa; thrift flipping fashion, making new pieces, and showing you some nifty tricks to keep your current beloved pieces maintained all in the comfort of her YouTube channel. However, other than her beauty and talent, what's especially nice with @withwendy is her pleasantly tranquil tone that could almost lull you to sleep.

I know this might sound a little strange, but give it a go. A little bit of fashion ASMR is all I could ask for after a few hours of stress-induced deadline scrambling. So, if you fancy a few fashion-based dreams (and I mean, who wouldn’t?), I’d advise you to welcome Wendy into your weekly watch list.


Now for a little bit of body positivity in some fabulous clothing. And that is exactly what @thickleeyonce’s Instagram account is full of, plus a few inspirational quotes here and there, and we can always do with a few of those once in a while. Lesego of @thickleeyonce is not only a photographer, co-owner of the fashion brand @lee_bex and the first South African plus-size model for Calvin Klein, she also seems to be a stunning person inside and out.

If you want a new beautiful person to follow who oozes so much confidence it rubs off on you too, whilst also inspiring the world of fashion and business, then definitely follow @thickleeyonce.

Although you can, of course, find fashion influencers all over the web, from all walks of life offering you the best fashion advice, I hope that all the wonderful people in this short but sweet list will give you a little taste of joy with some fashion inspiration on the side. All of these influencers have a place on this list as they hope to nurture more than your inner fashionista, but also your own happiness and self-confidence. They achieve this for me every day, and I hope that someday they influence you in this positive way too.

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