Interview: Jakub Stadnik, project director of the BFreak collective

We speak to Jakub Stadnik to preview his upcoming "BFreak" exhibition at the Long Gallery.

Tom Wrath
5th November 2021
Image credit: Jakub Stadnik
Jakub Stadnik, project director of the BFreak collective and Fine Art student, chats creativity, futures, and gives us an insight into his upcoming exhibition at the Long Gallery.

Looking ahead to the exhibition, what are your primary aims?

It wasn’t originally created to show my art, it was created to convince others to collaborate more. Here (in Newcastle) I see so much passion and energy in students, if we start to collaborate to use our creativity that would be cool.

Each artwork is a play with materials, whilst others show the human body in an abstract and strange way. I want people to be surprised, have their minds opened to different ways of producing art, and think about how they can change their art practices.

This exhibition is not only dedicated to fine art students, but everyone who loves to be freak!

Do you want to use your creativity to send any sort of message?

My message to the world is to show people that they are creative, even if they don’t know it. It’s not only collaboration to have fun, but also to make a change and impact, encouraging people to be more aware of their creativity.

Right now my styles are a big mix, but in the future I would like to make my art weird and experimental. Although Its quite experimental at the moment, I think it can still become even more surprising.

A sample of some BFreak work- Image Credit: BFreak Art and Creativity on Instagram

Which artist do you particularly look up to for inspiration?

Marcel Duchamp and Warhol all both quite weird and made a big impact in Art. Warhol in particular presented a big mystery, and is so interesting and awkward in interviews.

Do you ever bring your Polish heritage into your Art?

Not really. I like my art to be completely unconnected and independent from space, time, or anything, but this can create very chaotic work. So recently I started to look at things around me and visualise how I can transform these into something more mysterious.

Could you tell me a little about your creative workshops?

Starting in Poland, I taught 15 students about art and creativity, sharing my knowledge. Most people who came were very closed off from their creativity, and wanted to change this, but I began to see people thinking more creatively, and improving after just 2-3 lessons.

Over here, it will be even cooler, because there are so many students that use creativity for so many different things, and so many more people interested in this. These workshops are part of the BFreak project because its aim is to:

  1. Inspire people
  2. Educate people
  3. Support people in their creative development

Thanks to the project I can undertake my workshops will take place every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 4pm, more information is on my website.

The website is a virtual space dedicated to creatives from around the world, and we’re always looking for people to write, design and explore new challenges for the website to engage people further.

A sample of Jakub's personal work- Image Credit: BFreak_Art on Instagram

This exhibition is not only dedicated to fine art students, but everyone who loves to be freak!

What is your vision for the future?

I would love to start a creative revolution, convincing people to not only be more creative, but have people completely change their everyday lives to support creativity. I love to be very ambitious, and in 100 years, maybe humanity will look back and remember my name.

First, I think exploring my own creativity is important, unlocking the big mystery in my head and separating myself from the world by devising new creative techniques.

Secondly, creating art, collaborating with others, and sharing it with the others in the form of books, workshops and exhibitions.

Hopefully I can make this world a little more freaky.

The BFreak Exhibition runs from Monday 8th November-Friday 12th November, with a special event running 5-9pm on Thursday 11th.

For more details visit the BFreak website , Instagram and Facebook pages, or for any relevant enquiries contact

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