Interview: The Hara

An interview with The Hara

Katie Siddall
19th February 2022
Credit: Pixabay
On Tuesday 15th February, I took on my very first interview with none other than... The Hara. The Hara are from Manchester but, like music stereotypes, do not let this idea define them.

When I asked how they would define themselves, Josh (singer) was very forward with his joking response of "musical sluts" - which he went on to define as "experimental". Zack (guitarist) continued to say that if they were to be contained within one genre then they would be "under the umbrella of rock [as] rock is the mother genre".

Recently, The Hara have been releasing new music from Black Soul Ceremony, which was released on the 29th January 2021 to, their most recent EP Domino (4th February 2022). The band are looking forward to April Fools Day - April 1st 2022 - due to the release of their final EP We All Wear Black.

The big question, which I had to ask, was about their secret gig! You may or may not have heard about this but on February 3rd, 2022, The Hara launched their single Domino at the Satan's Hollow, in Manchester. This event sold out in the week! What made it a secret gig? The fact that the tickets came out within the week of the gig, so it's more than impressive that all the tickets sold out.

Asking the lads Why was it a secret? Josh brought an answer with them that made us all laugh - "for banter". Jake (drummer) took the more serious route, which they should be inspired for, which was "for [them] to see if [they] can do it" - which ultimately, they did!

Josh indulged in all the details about the gig. He spoke about how they faced challenges as they were uncertain if tickets would sell as well as the fact they played on a triangular around for the first time. (For those who don't know what an around is, it is a moving stage that is in the centre of the audience - they can see the band from every side.) Each member of the band had a corner of the triangle so they could be with the audience, even admitting that they started a mosh pit.

Other challenges they've been through, like everyone else, was COVID-19. Being apart from each other put pressure on their music as they couldn't collaborate as easily together; however, coming out from the pandemic they have played at festivals, such as; Download, Tramlines and Leeds.

The Hara are back at Download this year (12th June) and are touring the UK (see below). Tickets are available if you click here.

Twitter: @TheHaraBand

They've also worked with famous producers, like Jason Perry (who has previously worked with McFly). They've been working very closely and intimately with Jason Perry over the winter and went onto described him as "an absolute geezer, who is larger than life [with] many many stories". Josh went on to say they all love the "Perry-mister"!

I went on to ask the band, after all the famous faces they've met, Who would be the ultimate famous face to meet, where you cannot resist your inner fan boy? The boys did not disappoint as Josh said he'd love to meet Gary Barlow due to his "outlook on life", whilst Jake went for Eminem.

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