Music editor Jamie Shepherd caught up with Zac Samuel via email ahead of his upcoming Eton Messy set at Digital on 2nd December.

Jamie Shepherd
17th November 2015

Music editor Jamie Shepherd caught up via email with Zac Samuel who's playing Eton Messy’s Newcastle date on 2nd Dec at Digital with 99 Souls, Kokiri, NVOY and TCTS

What excites you most about playing Newcastle?

Getting out of my studio, I've been spending a lot of time working on new music recently so it's nice to get out. I played Newcastle recently supportingOliver Heldens, the crowd were wild! 

How do you measure the reception to a set you have just played?

I feel it in my bones...

What songs make you run to a dance floor?

Disco classics

What is the weirdest set you have ever played?

I played at The Old Blue Last on a bill with a Grime MC and US Hip Hop guy, definitely the weirdest one yet.

 Do you have any pre or post-show rituals?

Make sure my equipment is plugged in

How did you get involved with the Eton Messy crowd?

By making dope tunes!

Who would your dream act to collaborate with be?

MK or Skream would be amazing, both have been massive influences on me.

What would your advice be for bedroom DJs with dreams of performing to a crowd?

Get another dream! Just kidding, hard work and blind luck.

What is your favourite item on the Greggs menu and why?

The salad…


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