Is a Master's the way to go?

what's better- a grad job or a panic master's?

Varsha Jayaprasad
28th February 2023
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So, your third year of University seems to be coming to an end this year. Feelings of anxiety and general dread might be piling on to the existing stress of your end-of-year projects. The world is an unexpected place, and it is scary to try to move out of the familiar academic atmosphere and to a professional setting. Henceforth, many of you might rely on the thought of a master's to help with this newfound existential crisis.

As a student studying for her master's, it is an amazing experience. You get to learn more about your discipline and you are able to take more initiative and challenge yourself better. Although, it is best to contemplate and question the need of doing a master's immediately after your bachelor's degree.

You can always experiment and understand your niche before emptying your pockets

For one, acquiring a master's education is an expensive affair. It requires thousands of pounds to study for just a year. Therefore, it is best if you are prepared and know which subject you intend to learn for your master's. There is no rush in joining a master’s degree course. You can always experiment and understand your niche before emptying your pockets.

Waiting before your master's will allow you to delve into the professional world. Though it may seem intimidating, gaining professional experience would only help you in the future. Build and hone the skills you can receive in professional settings. If you are short on funds for a master's degree, working a job after uni can help you pay for your master's.

Giving yourself a little bit of a break is also necessary. After a strenuous three years of academic progression, a break would be the best choice. The master’s degrees aren’t running away and there is no pressure to join one immediately. Take your time understanding your preferences and strengths and soon you will be on the track to gaining your master's.

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AUTHOR: Varsha Jayaprasad
Hi! I'm Varsha. I am an M.A. Media and Journalism Student at Newcastle University. I enjoy writing for the courier and I wish to be a full-fledged journalist in the future

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