Is age really just a number?

Jamielouise Hudspith discusses age-appropriate dressing in fashion.

Jamielouise Hudspith
21st November 2016
Instagram: @baddiewinkle

Is there any such thing as dressing for your age? Do clothes become inappropriate once you hit a certain age? A quick Google search would certainly make you think so, instantaneously you find yourself bombarded with articles full of tips, the do’s and don’ts on how to dress ‘correctly’ for your age. Personally I find the notion ludicrous.

Millie Bobby Brown, child star of the recent Netflix phenomenon ‘Stranger Things’, has surged as a fashion icon. The 12-year-old is putting her exceptional style on display, at the NYFW she was snapped sporting an endearing combination of a pink silk bomber jacket, black studded leather ankle boots, and a surplus of colour in her knee length dress. Much like stars twice her age, Millie’s style is fun, bold, quirky and is a statement to both her youth and her personality.

At some time or another we all fall into the habit of dressing in styles now deemed too young for us, ergo having the opposite than desired effect and making us look old and outdated. This attitude prevents us from mixing our fashion choices up and experimenting, in reality you wouldn’t want to go from your favourite LBD that always left you overwhelmed with compliments, to a frumpy old jumper and washed out jeans that may make you feel more soccer mum than student.

“I believe that style has no restrictions as long as it makes you feel good and keeps you happy”

Stars such as Baddie Winkle (internet sensation and Missguided’s new campaign star at age 88) have been a huge hit online. Her unique flamboyant style may be described as ‘out there’ and not something you could never picture your gran in, but she owns her look and looks fabulous doing so. After all, not many women at that age feel they can pull of an luminous yellow bad girl fur coat, blue velvet thigh high boots, equally outrageous orange swirl drop down earrings along side sunglasses so big they look like outer-space goggles. I for one know that I couldn’t without feeling like less of a fashion goddess and more of a fashion disaster.

I’m a firm believer in dress for your body shape. So if you manage to nail this then you can wear anything with confidence - regardless of your age. I believe that style has no restrictions as long as it makes you feel good and keeps you happy. So that being said here is a mini style guide for the four main body types:

1. If you’re the well sought-after hourglass figure, then show off those curves – crop tops, pencil skirts and wrap dresses are your friends.

2. For you bottom heavy girls – off the shoulder fit and flare, structured jackets and A-line skirts are the way to go.

3. For those with slim legs and are top heavy set - a shift dress and a high waist circle skirt will show you off in all the right ways.

4. Finally, for those of you who aren’t very curvy and want to create an illusion of curves – try tapered trousers, cropper bomber jackets and a good old
ruffled top to look as good as you feel.

To many fashion is a passion, but it is also an art to those who live and breathe it and art is inclusive to all. Be comfortable, be happy, and look good
doing it.

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